Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does great, wants to do better

The CFPB does stuff like protecting regular people from predatory financial institutions. That’s like home loaners who’ll make loans to people who can’t pay the bills, or payday loaners who deceive military families.

Days ago, they announced a program which shows you what complaints people have made against banks and whether or not the banks made it right.

They’re now acting to protect military families regarding iffy home loans.

Next step: they’re announcing “CFPB Design+Technology Fellows” where smart software people can help the CFPB do an even better job.

I’ve been quietly working with CFPB folks including Liz Warren and Holly Petraeus, stuff like customer service tech. They’re for real, getting stuff done.

So, if you really want to make a difference, here’s a really good way to do that.

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  2. How about helping disabled citizens who have been cheated out of everything including the roof over their heads by predatory banks? I am from Iowa and have been disabled mentally and emotionally for more than 15 years. (I used to be a top producer). Several causes, including car accident and stroke. My local bank offered to HELP ME HELP MY COMMUNITY but what they really meant was help themselves to everything I ever had. They broke every consumer law in the book while taking advantage of President Bush’s Executive Order that federally chartered banks could not be regulated by state Attorneys General. Boy, have they been cleaning up at our expense – especially the mid-sized banks who are under the radar. HELP US.


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