#One4One: surfacing people who you should know about

I go to a lot of tech conferences, and in conjunction with that, get added to notables lists, due to clerical errors.

Sometimes, it’s disappointing that the people on stage or in such lists aren’t really fair to some groups of people.

In particular, speaker and notables lists sometimes fail to include women whose voices are a real big deal when it comes to tech helping make life better for everyone.

A friend and trusted advisor, Andrew Rasiej (who helps run a very fair and effective Personal democracy Forum), took issue with his naming to Newsweek’s recent Digital 100 Power Index. It only listed eight women, not so fair, so he asked Deanna Zandt to take his place. (I’ve also worked with her, and she’s the real deal.)

Deanna and Andrew also created a simple Twitter game called #One4One to get the word out about others who really need their voices heard. Here’s my contribution:

okay, for ‪#One4One‬ I’d suggest @MonaEltahawy, Beth @Kanter, Allyson Kapin (@WomenWhoTech), @reshmasaujani, smart, real social change agents

(which I followed by admitting that I was sure I forgot some folks, but, really, I forget stuff.)

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