When Squirrels Took Over…

Hey there folks, here’s the deal: a couple back we had a friendly competition, with @common_squirrel, to help raise money for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), an org who is doing real good work and really has their boots on the ground.

Initially I offered to give $1 each time someone mentioned #squirrels4good up to $5k, but the campaign became so popular (lots of squirrel-lovers out there), we reached that goal really fast. I decided to make a bargain with folks and said that if folks continued sharing, I’d donate up to $10k to NWF for each mention of #squirrels4good across networks.

We saw #squirrels4good squirreling its way across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, etc. Those urban survivors are quite sneaky, and for that matter, I’ve been told I can get a little squirrelly, and more than once…

Recently, one had gotten brave enough to invade our house. It likes to dig in the plant closest to the door. It hangs out on my desk. I’m very happy it didn’t leave a surprise on my keyboard. It can even open the small metal trash can with the bird seed.

Folks all across the country really got passionate about their backyard squirrels, and between my count and NWF’s, we had well over 10k mentions of #squirrels4good. Even the NWF asked, what do squirrels need? And proceeded to look into just what a squirrel wants.

The squirrels, and myself, really thank all of you for helping raise money to support NWF.

Take a look at the squirrels invading suet palaces across the country:



Thanks again, folks! Keep on squirrelling.  #Squirrels4Good


0 thoughts on “When Squirrels Took Over…

  1. Over the years I have enjoyed watching Craig as he interacted with the world in such a public way. I would consider Craig a Fairly Normal Nerd (FNN) that happens to find himself with an excellent cash flow. Sure there are other FNN’s out there making good/great money, have some amount of publicity, etc. However, this FNNis one that I have chosen to watch. I love his desire to give back to others. I love his (perceived) humility. I do not have a personal relationship with the man, but he seems honestly interested in others, in good ideas that need encouragement, in recognizing the value of others – be that women in technology or the environment or fundamental rights.

    I would only hope if I were in a position similar to his, I would have the courage to put my values out in public and to back up those values tangibly as he has.

    Kudos to you Craig! Please continue!



  2. oh man talking about squirrels in NYC! there is so many here! its like they are part of the population or something. regardless i still loved the photos here. see them everyday about 100x an hour but still i like these photos…who knows!

    thanks for the post Craig!


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