Your Vote: anyone can do it, and everyone should do it

Hey, people across the world really do feel we’re the “shining city on the hill,” that, seriously, we’re the leader of the free world. I feel we need to live up to that, every day, and that means to passionately commit to voting, that’s the whole “consent of the governed” thing that the Founders established. 

Our troops fight for that every day; Dr King gave his life for that. 

It’s up to us all to ensure the integrity of our voting process by getting registered right, and to encourage everyone to vote, regardless of ethnicity or gender. 

So, I’d like you to stand up for America, to register to vote, to commit to vote, and to pass it on. Try out the following:

Here’s the deal: we need to stand up for our rights and elect leaders who will do good things for our country and our communities.  We also gotta vote and make sure the politicians hear our voices and know we count and we matter.

I think voting should be free, fair, and accessible. The Declaration of Independence says that all men are created equal. If America wants to live up to its promise to provide all citizens with the same opportunities, then we can’t pass laws that block some Americans from voting. It’s wrong for politicians to pass laws making it harder for eligible Americans to vote.

But some of those politicians are trying to manipulate the system for their own political gains in the electorate by trying to implement strict Voter ID laws where are only one form of ID would be accepted. That’s not very flexible. If we can get on an airplane with our drivers license, passport, or other forms of ID, we should be able to use multiple forms of ID to vote. These inflexible voting ID laws are un-American and impact all sorts of people, like the elderly and Veterans – the good folks who risked taking a bullet for us to protect our democracy.

Voting brings us together; it’s the one time everyone has an equal voice. At least we all should have the same say.

Sure, it’s important to stop any voter fraud, but I don’t appreciate politicians passing laws for political gain that take away people’s right to vote.

There are many smart people of good will, geting the job done.

These groups include:


Getting the job done…

National Voter Registration Day is September 25th, and these groups are building apps which help you figure out what you need to do to exercise your right to vote. It’s real important that we have fairness, equality, freedom, and responsibility in our country.

If I’ve ever helped you out, maybe via my big site, well, this is all I plan to ask of you. When the time comes, I’d suggest checking out the apps, and maybe apply to vote by mail, if allowable. (I’ve done so for most of the last twenty years.)

(Note to self: that’s my Mom’s birthday, maybe I should have her ask you?)

Second, well, the would-be elite people have a history of really dirty tricks on election day, so I’m supporting Our Vote Live which will include apps which allow you to contact volunteers to help you work around problems like political dirty tricks and to report what’s going on nationally, on a map of the US, kinda Mission Control style.

There’ll be more than this, more later…

(Note to self: should I really ask my Mom?)

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  1. I work the polls in Texas on election day as an election clerk. It is a non-partisan position. I get a lot of comments from voters who are confused about the Voter ID law, which is in litigation. They think it has been passed; but you only need to show your ID if you forgot your voter’s registration card or you have not signed it. Recently a voter had not signed and I asked him for his ID. I heard one of the most nakedly honest responses from him that I have ever heard; “Well I was all for that, but not for *me*!”


  2. How is requiring a LEGITIMATE form of ID “trickery”? How about protecting the voting process itself ensuring that NON citizens cannot vote or multiple votes are not counted by the same registered voter who may have voted in multiple locations?? If a person cannot obtain a valid ID, maybe that person is not intelligent enough to vote in the first place, it’s really not hard to do so.

    And finally, we need to do away with electronic voting machines where vote counting can be preprogrammed to determine the outcome of an election. if you are not familiar with this, please google the documentary called “Democracy Hacked” and you will see hard core proof that election fraud takes places at almost every election.


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