Teching Across the Globe

Hey there, folks – here’s the deal, over some years my team and I have been helping build networks across the world, or small parts of it, to give people a voice who’ve never had it.

We’ve done this by funding tech labs around the globe. Ranging from San Francisco to Kenya, a Beduoin village in Israel, to Haiti and India, and the Palestinian West Bank; this is a really big deal. It’s important that people have access to the voice that they may not have otherwise.

I’d like to share our first growing map of these places that have been funded. The good folks at Inveneo, Organic Health Response, Tomorrow’s Youth, and others have played a big part in this – couldn’t have done it without them.

I’d like to say that the sun never sets on the Nerdish Empire…

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  1. Hi Craig,
    This is just awesome. I’m dying to know more about how you’ve accomplished this. How has it been paid for? What does it looks like on the ground? How do you pick your locations? I’m at the tail end of building my first non-profit web application (big learning experience, wow) and am looking to learn lots more about the “tech for good” social enterprises that are out there. I imagine you get many solicitations for chats over cups of coffee, but I’ll start here with mine! You never know.


    1. Alyssa, thanks!

      Hey, it’s a long story, but mostly we hear from folks in NPOs who are working on the ground, and need a hand with systems and/or Internet connectivity.

      If they check out, we work with tech firms that can help with connectivity. The hard part is when the locations are out of the US, and then we get great help from, they’re great at this.

      Sometimes, this is with the State Department working with the Aspen Institute.



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