Craigconnects to Match $25K in Donations on Crowdrise to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

Ok folks, Hurricane Sandy is real serious. It’s causing a lot of damage across the East Coast including my hometown Morristown, New Jersey from downed power lines to major flooding. The news is reporting that this storm could be one of the top ten costliest storms in history.

A lot of good folks out there need our help. So I’m doing my small part by matching $25K to relief organizations like the American Red Cross, Feeding America, AmeriCares, IAVA, and National Wildlife Federation, who have their boots on the ground and will be helping people (and the little furry ones) out. Check out my Crowdrise campaign.

And hey, if you can spare a few bucks to these relief organizations please do.

There are lots of good folks who are working on relief efforts, so feel free to start your own fundraiser on Crowdrise too. I will match up to $25K for all donations supporting relief efforts.

This is my small part to make a difference here. A nerd’s gotta do, what a nerd’s gotta do.

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