Poll Problems or Questions? OVL has the Answers

Here’s the deal, folks –

Real big news, Our Vote Live (OVL) just launched this morning. I supported the good folks at Election Protection, Lawyers’ Committee, NOI, and Ushahidi who developed and launched this site.

It will map out all reported voting/election questions and incidences around the country. You can report problems on the website: http://www.ourvotelive.org/ or by using Twitter: #OVLreport, or calling into Election Protection’s hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA.

The new site allows voters to report problems at the polls, receive assistance from trained volunteers more quickly and easily, and allow for better tracking and reporting on the nature and location of these incidents. Features include:

  • Easier reporting. New systems allow voters to report problems and submit questions and concerns around the voting experience using smart phones, online, and Twitter (#OVLReport), in addition to the existing telephone hotline.
  • Faster, more accurate response. Trained volunteers have instant access to necessary data, including polling place information and local election rules and regulations – streamlining the processing and resolution of complaints, and expanding the capacity of volunteers to respond to reported issues.
  • Greater transparency and more accurate reporting. As reports are filed, the data will be collected and grouped into categories, and then visually shown on an online interactive map and timeline to provide a real-time interface showing the types and regularity of election-related problems.

So please, folks, share this effort and help folks have easier access to voting. And I believe that it’s truly our civic duty to vote, so do so for our country!

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