Will you Stand Up for Heroes this Thursday?

Hey there, folks – Here’s the deal, The Bob Woodruff Foundation’s Sixth Annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit’s less than a week away.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation does real good work to support injured service members, vets, and their families. They have over 70 community partnerships nationwide, and are dedicated to ensuring that this population of people are thriving. I’ve pledged to match any donations raised during the live stream until midnight EST, up to $25K.

The folks at the Woodruff Foundation are targeting the real needs of transitioning vets and focus on important things, such as identifying barriers to employment and suicide prevention, among other needs that wounded warriors have. I’m not speaking from experience, but from a place of thanks – the wounds of these injuries may not always be visible, their impact is felt long after a service member returns home.

The event, Stand Up for Heroes, honors and supports those heroic folks who were injured while serving our country.

This year, the event features musical performances by some people you may have heard of: John Mayer, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, and more. And for the first time, it’ll be live streamed so you can Stand Up for Heroes from wherever you are. Just tune in at 8pm on Thursday, November 8th to enjoy the show.

Also, in honor of their inaugural live stream, the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s giving away 2 free tickets to next year’s show — an event that’s sure to be as inspirational as this year’s. For your chance to win, RSVP to the live stream today: http://join.remind.org/rsvp.

Our country’s caring for more injured service members than at almost any other time in history. The numbers are staggering:

  • 1 in every 50 service members who served in Afghanistan or Iraq has sustained a physical combat injury.
  • 1 in 5 suffer from post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and/or depression.

For many, it’s going to take a lifetime of assistance to heal their wounds. Folks, they’ve really stood up for us, now it’s time we stood up for them.

The folks at the Bob Woodruff Foundation and I hope the live stream will allow more people to tune into the show, and that it’ll help raise awareness for the cause.

Stand Up for Heroes by RSVP’ing to Thursday’s live stream today, and make sure to help out by donating if you’re able to.

More later…

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  1. I’m currently working on starting a non-profit group called Soldiers Helping Victims of Domestic Violence- right now i have over 30 woman asking for help, everything from monetary things( so i can have an attorney aboard at all times- $ to keep a roof over their head- $ for items they need or any other type of dontion-grocery store gift cards- clothing/gift cards-furniture old or new-old cell phones we can give to them so they always have one and we can enable gps on them in certain instances- Look this is so real, this personally hurts my life as the battle i have overcome and I have papers I leave at places and I get so many call for help and so little for people to give! I will not stop until i get the attention of that right person..yes it only takes one! We have to be established with a million other criteria met to get government money but please pass this on- we just need that one person who gets it! Look had i not left the day i did i would be dead, my children motherless, my parents daughterless-but I left it all and know I work so hard and give my all- i want to write i have things i have goals but until the day I can come through in a much larger way- i will not quit- i hope you pass this and am sending a prayer that somebody will see this and feel they have to help! I promised god I would help as many D.V. victims as I can and I’m going to, god has laid the path i’m just praying my feet are following it. please contact me authentict@mail.com


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