Will you #Hoot2Give this Holiday season?

Hey there – here’s the deal: my team and I worked with the good folks at National Wildlife Federation this past summer to help raise money for their org (with #Squirrels4Good & @common_squirrel). It’s about that time of year when birds are migrating and changing their nesting habits, and we really want to continue helping out the good folks at NWF and the little critters. Since the birds will be out and about, it may not be a big deal to just snap a picture of them.

We want you to #Hoot2Give for the holidays. Each time you share a photo of a bird (maybe an owl) or describe one you have just seen, and use the hashtag #Hoot2Give, I’ll give $1 to NWF, up to $5k.

 I see birds (and squirrels) every day in my backyard (there’s often a bird party at Craig’s house), and you’ve probably seen my photos on Facebook or Twitter. I’m guessing you see birds too, and I’d love for you to share them for a good cause. I’d like you to join me, and #Hoot2Give to raise money for NWF. You can give us a hoot on Facebook, Twitter (@craignewmark), and my #Hoot2Give Pinterest board.

I’m not an outdoorsman, I’m just a nerd who’d really like to see some good bird pictures – and maybe even some hooting videos. NWF offered to take me owling, but I won’t have a chance to get to Washington, DC – so I hope that some of you have some good owl photos to share! Will you #Hoot2Give to raise some money for NWF this holiday season?

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  1. It may be too late but Christmas Bird Counts are coming up and if you join one in your area (find the local Audubon Society) they should do some owling. This happens all across the country on specific days during the holiday season, there will be one near you. See if they can find you an advanced birder to ride with if you aren’t already, and count some birdies!


  2. For this who are Twitter illiterate like myself, what does it mean to twitter this phrase. In other words, how does one do this?


  3. I am a bird fanatic, though I guess you could call me a animal lover as well! I love all the work you put in! Hey, Christensen, Bannick is amazing, I clicked on the link you put up and was amazed! True story- I was in my house when I heard a short hooting sound, and after some exploring(two days of it) I finally found a nest near the wooded area in my backyard and I decided to just keep my distance and watch! It was a amazing experience!


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