Sandy Hook Promise, an initiative to end gun violence in America

Folks, there are people in the tech community mobilizing to support an end to gun violence in America.

One month after the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a group of Newtown, Connecticut citizens have organized to honor the lives lost by unveiling a national grassroots initiative committed to preventing similar tragedies from ever taking place again. The initiative’s a nonprofit called Sandy Hook Promise (SHP, formerly called “Newtown United”).

Sandy Hook Promise,

The folks that’ll be at the unveiling of Sandy Hook Promise today include members of SHP’s Executive Committee, participating victims’ families, survivors, first responders, and other community members to launch this important initiative.

This morning, Sandy Hook Promise will share its plans for how an end to gun violence will be worked toward. SHP is asking folks across the country to make a promise to encourage and support common sense solutions that make communities and our country safer from acts of violence like the tragedy on December 14, 2012.

The tech community’s combining its efforts directly with the Sandy Hook Promise organization, beyond the Causes Petition and the “Moment of Silence” efforts.

The families of Newtown-Sandy Hook also want us Post to Facebook and Tweet about the efforts using hashtag #sandyhookpromise beginning today, Monday, January 14. We must get all of America to sign the Sandy Hook Promise on the website.

Some sample Tweets:

    • Join me and people in Newtown in making the #sandyhookpromise to support common sense solutions to reduce gun violence at
    • I’m joining people in Newtown in making the #sandyhookpromise to protect our children and reduce gun violence. Join us at
    • Today, people in Newtown are making the #sandyhookpromise to reduce gun violence. Sign the pledge with me at

For live updates on the press conference follow @SandyHook on Twitter.


0 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Promise, an initiative to end gun violence in America

  1. I can’t imagine any rational human being not supporting the victims of this disaster. Unfortunately, I can’t sign on to something as vague as this. The statistics could be used to push just about any agenda. I do not concur with a conclusion that suggests that legal gun ownership is in any way responsible for this event than I hold Ford responsible for drunk driving deaths. I will wait until I see more specifics before I support this effort.
    Patrick Stevenson


    1. I couldn’t have worded my response any better than what you have already posted. As a father and a grandfather, I was horrified to hear about the Sandy Hook tradgedy. But to attack the gun is missing the problem COMPLETELY. I never want to hear about another tradgedy like this again. But there are so many issues that contributed to this tradgedy that are NOT being addressed.
      I hear many people say that the firearms used were obtained legally. No, they were not. The murderer killed his own mother to steal the weapons. Theft and murder to obtain the weapons. If we are to fault the mother for even having the weapons in the same house as her mentally ill son, which I believe WAS a mistake, she paid for that mistake with her life. We don’t live in a Utopian world where there’s never going to be another murder, even without a single gun in the universe. If you’re looking to the “if it saves even one life” reasoning, start with cars and work your way down the list of causes for deaths in young people and children. This society and this generation has lost it’s value for human life. This is a link to a YT video of a man’s brutal accidental death: Scroll through the comments section and read the garbage that young people have left “in remembrance”. Then, superimpose the Sandy Hook’s killer’s face on any one of the comments and see if the attitude fits? How about Columbine’s? How about Gabby Gifford’s? How about the Colorado theater shooter? They all fit the same, life-has-no-value pattern. Don’t try to pin this behavior on an inanimate object.


      1. While everyone in the right mind would support the victims of this incident, pushing to control weapons is a solution that will not end with a positive result.

        Criminals are criminals, if they want to commit murder do you think restricting weapons to those who are in good mental health is a bright idea?

        My personal belief, give everyone guns, give everyone the proper use and safety training. No one would want to commit a major crime for fear of self defense.

        I know this much for a fact.
        No politician will ever take all my guns away.
        No politician will ever tell me I cant defend myself, even if using extreme force if necessary.

        I believe in our constitution. I will defend it.


    2. One difference between a Ford and a gun is a car is meant for driving. A gun is only meant to kill. Another difference is that we do everything we can to try to stop drunk driving from happening. We need to put at least as much effort into preventing as much gun violence as we can.


  2. End gun violence…what exactly does that mean? Remove all unstable people from our society? And based on what criteria? Who decides? Remove all morally corrupt people? Remove all evil people? Do they have to commit crimes prior to being removed from society? And what crimes exactly must be committed? Guns don’t kill people, people kill people one way or another from the beginning of time. Until you come up with a perfect plan, I would like to be able to protect myself and my family just like that other mom did last week in Georgia and hundreds of parents do every day of every year.


  3. Its a tragedy when anyone even thinks of taking the life of a child. Unfortunately the facts of this tragedy may not be the truth, as marketed. There are a huge amount of discrepancies with this tragedy. There are a lot of questions as to this being a set up and some of the children did not exist and there were multiple people involved in the shootings. Likely to get guns removed from the public. A serious amount of discrepancies asked by a lot of media at the scene at the time of the unfolding events.

    We have all heard it before. Guns do not kill people, people using guns kill people. There will always be guns available, even if taken from all the law abiding people that own them.


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  5. Follow the money, ever heard that before? In order to start to attack this social ill we must first be willing to change some things; and a big part of that change has to do with money. I don’t believe in redistribution of wealth, but the reallocation of funds currently being wasted on solutions that just plain don’t work needs real consideration. The whole gun registration process needs to be re-worked and it shouldn’t adversely affect gun dealers or even casual gun shows. In this day in age you can set up a lap top with internet access almost anywhere. Back ground checks can be done in real time. This would take a few bucks to make happen but it can be done. Real time anonymous registry of mental health issues could also be done. Although this is a very difficult problem, hash routines could be written to deal with every aspect of privacy for the doctor and patient. Change the floor plans of schools to better control egress, is another thing that could be done without too much effort. Stiffening the laws for gun crimes and enforcing the ones all ready on the books would be a good start to stopping gun crimes. Prisons are full where would we put the folks? Do a little research and you will see that a very large percentage of those in prison are there for nonviolent crimes. Again it’s a paradigm shift! Should a nonviolent criminal be locked up? With a little thought I think we could probably find a better way to deal with nonviolent criminals. But again the funding for prisons is based on head count, so as I said earlier “follow the money and you will come up with more solutions that you ever thought possible.


    1. Ahhh, nice try. Sorry, but I have seen first hand of the “authorities” for years, trumping up false charges, therefore making criminals of honest, concerned citizens, who dare to question authority, as we all should. It is not just our right, it is our responsibility. We see more and more of our people being violated, assaulted, and even killed wrongly by the “authorities”. too many rats in the cage. Just because they wormed thier way there, doesn’t mean they can be trusted. Quite the opposite. But YOUR children will be just fine, nothing can happen to you. Oh wait, that’s what Ann Frank thought.


  6. I deel bad about what happened to all those kids and other kids but jumping on anti-gun is not dealing with the issue. To bad we couldn’t lock up all guns for a year just to see what other device a nut would use to there evil thing. Then maybe those anti-gun people would see once and for all it isn’t the gun. I also would like to see some info on how many kids are killed by drunks and yet they open more places to drink and nobody goes anti- booze.
    thank you


  7. This anti-gun concept is a joke and a scam! If people were at all serious, they would come up with a new ‘workable’ solution. Do they seriously believe the 50% of the American people will just give up their weapons with a smile and a nod? Ban all guns. Duh! Try surgically removing the trigger finger of anyone who uses a gun in a crime. Try 40 years of very ‘hard labor’ with no parole, ever. Punish the offenders. Our courts are a joke. I know since I work in them. Let’s have a serious deterrent to violent crime. These PC gun initiatives are a joke to any thinking person.


  8. GUNS DID NOT CAUSE THIS TRAGEDY! Failure to enforce existing laws contributed to this tragedy. Connecticut has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States and proves that more gun laws will not stop these incidents. Effective enforcement of existing laws will slow and eventually curb the violence.
    While we all grieve for the victims, placing the fault on an inanimate object again shows our own lack of logic in reaching a sensible solution. Do not let the anti-gunners use another tragedy for their own political agenda. This does not help any of the victims, only the powerful and deceitful will benefit as Hitler did when he removed the guns from their rightful owners!
    Transportation methods in the US kill many more than those killed by ‘individuals’ with weapons such as guns but no one is calling for an end to transportation as that is just as ludicrous as weakening or removing the protections of the second amendment to the constitution. The anti-gun folks will use any ruse to get their point across. DO NOT LET THEM DO IT ON THE BACKS OF THE INNOCENT!!!


  9. No one wants to see another tragedy like Sandy Hook, Columbine, Tucson or many of the others which have happened ever happen again. However restricting firearm and ammunition for law-abiding citizens is NOT the answer! In Mexico private ownership of firearms is illegal and I think we all know how well that works down there.

    The way to stop gun violence is to increase the amount of background checks (most of these attacks occur in states which do not require background checks), increase training for the qualified individuals which can own weapons and support the organizations which are fighting to keep our second amendment rights!



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