Mr Ed, and the burden of being [seen as] a spokesman

Life gets surreal, then, it gets even more surreal.

craigslist (CL) has maybe helped out a hundred million people, and that’s a good start. Would be nice to do lots more, and that what’s my thing is about.


To that end, well, I do enough real customer service to keep my emotional investment in the CL and grassroots community. My involvement in CL management ended well over ten years ago, and you need to look elsewhere for a CL spokesman. Getting perceived as spokesman, though, is a big pain in the butt, with no solution.

That’s why I’ll direct you elsewhere for CL stuff.

In general, the world is full of people who are talking and getting in the way of stuff getting done.  For example, in Washington we got bad lobbyists who get paid by the hour, even if they’re blocking solutions to real problems.  (I’m distinguishing the bad guys from public service lobbyists, who don’t get no respect.)

The more I do, more in backchannels, the less I talk about it.  Sure, from high school I remember that “brevity’s the soul of wit” but I’m more of a fifties nerd and a product of the TV of those times.

So, I try to be more like Mr Ed, the famous talking horse, who “will never speak unless he has something to say.”

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