America’s 50 Worst Charities

Hey, this is a really big deal. How often do you give to charities when you believe in their cause? You may think that the org is doing really good work, but I am actively involved with the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), and unfortunately that’s not what’s always happening.

Hundreds of charities claim to help those in need. But of the millions of dollars raised each year, how much goes to cancer patients, disabled vets, and dying children? For some charities, almost nothing goes toward direct aid. CIR and the Tampa Bay Times worked to create a list of the 50 worst charities in America.

top 10 worst charities

It’s important to be aware that you’re not giving your hard earned money to bad actors.

The nation’s 50 worst charities have paid their solicitors nearly $1 billion over the past 10 years that could have gone to charitable works.


Some of the findings that CIR released include that:

  • The 50 worst charities in America devote less than 4% of donations raised to direct cash aid.
  • Some charities give even less than 4% to direct cash aid.
  • Over a decade, one diabetes charity raised nearly $14 million and gave about $10,000 to patients.
  • Six orgs spent nothing at all on direct cash aid.

There are a lot of charities out there who really have their boots on the ground doing good work and spending their donations wisely, but you need to make sure to do your research before you give. Bad actors are out there to take your money, and the cause you were donating to may never see the actual money.

The Center for Investigative Reporting shares a CNN report that will air tomorrow, 6/13, at 8pm EDT. They’ll show you what happens when a reporter tries to confront the executives of some of the charities on the list above. And you’ll find out how one charity network spent nearly 70% of the millions they raised on fundraisers.

This is a really big deal, and very important. Don’t get fooled by bad charities. Here are some tips that CIR gives for making sure that your money is actually going to a worthy cause: There are many resources to make sure that you choose a good charity to give to, orgs who are the real deal.

Please help me spread the word by sharing this across your social platforms, and help to stop these bad actors.



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  1. accountability , even the goverment doesnt want it, so the apple doesnt fall far from the tree but it does rotten, great resources like this will always be the shield of power.


  2. I spent a lot of time early in my career working as a fundraiser for large charities and gained insight to the raw numbers that make up a charity’s effectiveness. I’m so glad you took the time to show this information on well read platform AND provide a solution by telling people where they can confidently donate.


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