The Vets Challenge was about giving back

Hey, a big congratulations to all the Teams who participated in the Veterans Charity Challenge over on CrowdRise. As many of you know, I gave $50k to the challenge and the Rahr Foundation gave $50k. I don’t see this as altruism, it just feels right.

A total of 95 Teams signed up. The Teams were from across the country, in 26 states and 77 cities. Teams participating raised a total of $348,393 throughout the duration of the Challenge, and with the Funder’s donations, we raised a total of $448,393 for Veterans and Military families. Almost half a million dollars. Folks, I can’t thank you enough for all the good work you’re doing.

It was really close in the end, and an exciting finish. I was able to call and chat with (or leave messages for) each of the big winners, and really thank them for all they’re doing for our service members and their families. I figure if someone’s willing to risk their life for me, this is the least I can do to give back…

thank you

And throughout the Challenge, there were 5 Bonus Challenges, and we had 13 teams win.

  • Bonus Challenge #2, any team to raise $500 with 10 unique donors was entered to win : Swords to Plowshares won $5k and an interview with me.

I’ll be interviewing Swords to Plowshares and Full Circle Home in the coming weeks…more to come…

Did you participate in the #VetsChallenge? I’d like to hear your feedback. And again, congrats to all those orgs who really have their boots on the ground making a difference for our Vets and milfams.



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  1. First of all, thank you Craig for your funding but mostly for your big heart. I am an EPW (Extreme Puppy Watcher) at Warrior Canine Connection. I am SO thrilled that this outstanding organization finished in First Place in the Veteran’s Challenge. We had a few big donations, but what makes this win so special is that it was truly a grass roots effort with hundreds of unique donors. We love our puppies and dogs for just being wonderful companions, but they are so much more than that. They are therapists, both physical and emotional, and are truly life saving, four-legged family members to the Wounded Warriors that they serve. The money raised through this effort will go toward expanding their services to more locations and training more dogs to become service animals. This translates to many more deserving veterans getting the help needed to reclaim their lives. Again, I’m just thankful to have been a part of this magnificent undertaking and for your part in it, as well.


  2. This was a wonderful Challenge and opportunity for people to get involved with charities that impact our Vets. Thank you so much for blessing these organizations with additional funding and for bringing awareness to so many people!


  3. Just wanted to extend my thanks for the generous Veterans Charity Challenge. As a supporter of Warrior Canine Connection, I can tell you that the challenge was a hugely motivating factor to solidify the grassroots support for WCC. The weekly bonuses gave us an added incentive to continue to work to solicit new donations throughout the challenge period. I’m proud that our team really seemed to personify the concept of “crowdrise” with over 900 donors. Everyone felt included in the team effort even if they could only afford a $10 donation….truly every donation made was from their heart. The $135,000 in donation/bonus funds will help WCC carry out its wonderful healing work with wounded warriors suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. The “Extreme Puppy Watchers” (join us on Facebook) came together through the live puppy cam on (fair warning, it’s very addictive), but in the last year we’ve now grown into a solid, dedicated grassroots group…. “Sharing friendships, supporting the Warrior Canine Connection Mission”. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


  4. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to achieve the bonus of $35000. For a smallish group like ours that’s a huge amount of money. Your generosity will be appreciated and remembered for many years to come by all who come in contact with Warrior Canine Connection.

    Also this challenge martialed a force I don’t think anyone realized we had at the beginning of the challenge. The EPW’s worked so hard at making everyone aware of the challenge so that we could bring in gifts to meet the goal. Thank you very much for the challenge and the gifts.



  5. Thank you so much for your contribution to this challenge. I cannot tell you how much this will mean to Rick Yount & his wife, Molly Morelli, the directors of this organization. They have been a huge inspiration to me with their beautiful dogs and their commitment to wounded veterans. Actually their dogs help 3 groups – people like me, just viewers, who watch their 24/7 cam on Annenberg’s web site; the hurting (PTSD or mild TBI) returning veterans who agree to help train the dogs for their fellow wounded veterans; and the final recipients (PTSD & TBI)who may also be disabled. The dogs act as Service Dogs and stress relievers for these brave soldiers, who were hurt defending out nation so we can live free! I salute you, Craig, for your involvement with this movement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a great challenge – a nail biter until the last minute!


  6. Thank you Craig and the Rahr Foundation for your generosity in sponsoring this challenge. Nearly a thousand supporters of Warrior Canine Connection came together in an effort to win this challenge that was both touching and inspiring….a true group effort that continued to the very end for this very deserving organization. The prize money donated by you and the Rahr Foundation provided the extra motivation needed to win the challenge for WCC. Again, thank you.


  7. so pleased to see so much money raised for various veterans organizations, and done in a grass roots manner. i’m very very proud to be a member of the WCC fan base; they do so much good with their mission and will now be able to do even more. God bless and best luck to all involved.


  8. As an avid fan and supporter of WCC I just wanted to say thank you! It was a fun challenge and much needed funds were raised for everyone involved! I hope you will continue your charitable works well into the future.

    *I’m also the proud mom of an Army Captain*


  9. I am a supporter of Warrior Canine. Thankyou so much for your generosity which allowed us to help provide additional funding. Veterans were the big winners because of your kindness.


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