Read On and Move Forward if you are a Veteran

Hey, VA doctors have told me that no one goes to war and comes back unchanged. Readjusting to civilian life can be challenging no matter where you are; at home, in the workplace, or at school. Now there’s help through an online counseling service designed to help Vets and active duty service members battling with readjustment issues, depression, and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Furthermore, the free counseling support reaches Veterans in the privacy of their homes through a program called Moving Forward.

This new program is the real deal. It helps Vets re-adapt to civilian life with stress-assessments, relaxation exercises, and interactive games. It’s based on a highly effective cognitive behavioral treatment program that’s been used successfully with Veterans and service members across the country.

moving forward

Here’s what really makes this program different: Anyone who uses it remains completely anonymous.

Vets, and anyone else who needs help coping with life’s challenges, can access this site with private trainings for free! Moving Forward is a great way for Vets to access counseling services, and has been used by more than 18,500 web users since it launched on Veteran’s Day in 2012.

Try it out by visiting:

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