Supporting more effective national service

President Obama and President George H.W. Bush present the 5,000th Daily Points of Light award to Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton, a retired couple from Iowa who founded a nonprofit that has delivered more than 232 million free meals to children around the world.

A lot of really good people are helping Americans in need via the Corporation for National and Community Service. It’s a “private-public partnership,” meaning that people in business, government, and the nonprofit sector work together with citizens to get results.

That includes a lot of good work by AmeriCorps, which engages 80,000 Americans in results-driven service to meet local needs. In the last year AmeriCorps has teamed up with other agencies to launch:

Lots more needs to get done, and to that effect, the President just signed an official memorandum on expanding national service.

Basically, it tells federal agencies to work together in a task force to expand national service in six areas: emergency and disaster services; economic opportunity; education; environmental stewardship; healthy futures; and veterans and military families. It also encourages more partnerships with the private sector to unleash the energy of citizens to get things done.

This is a big deal; there’s still a lot of suffering out there best address by a combination of public and private efforts.

There are a lot of people out there who could use an extra hand, even right in your own neighborhood. Help out if you can.

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  1. Craig,
    Is there a summary of what Americorps actually does?

    Is there a table that shows the growth of Volunteers & Projects Accomplished:
    Annual Spending | Volunteers Hired | Projects Accomplished

    Are their Alumni Networks starting up, the way Veterans groups are so organized?
    It would be good to see Alumni recommending the program to the next generation.

    Where you look at the Americorps web site. It looks like we have spent a fortune on Marketing Lingo, and Acronym creation just to line the pockets of some beltway bandits with gold.

    Hopefully, there is much more success to be shared, as well as growth & progress to be touted.

    Thank you.


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