Helping out homeless veterans

Hey, the Department of Veterans Affairs does more and more to give homeless vets a hand: VA triples spending on homelessness problem

“The Department of Veterans Affairs on Thursday awarded almost $300 million in grants for homeless and low-income assistance efforts, three times what the agency spent on that program last year.

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The move is part of the larger government-wide effort to end veterans homelessness in the next two years, and comes at a time when most federal programs are tightening their belts in an effort to deal with sharp reductions in funding.”

That’s big, reminding us to all lend a hand.

Locally speaking, here’s what I support, all recommended!

… and more to come re Harbor Light.


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    1. I don’t know what area your in but this is how I did it I was at a homeless shelter and inquired Vet services. This started the ball rolling. They put me on a list for the veterans program in the Salvation Army. Its not their program, its a veterans transitional housing program. Before that though, get signed up with the local veteran medical healthcare program. The healthcare program is part of the veteran transitional housing program. Sallies has a waiting list so sooner the better. From 1st day at Salvation Army to my own apartment was 5 months. Once you get your HUD/VASH voucher, you can start looking for housing. They don’t just cut you loose. Their are rules. Easy rules but you have to stick to the guidelines the have. Most vets get thru it, but some are flakey. I hope this gives you an idea how the program works.


  1. 1st Veterans Kids Care Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, was born out of a child’s act of kindness that touched a father’s heart in 2009. 1st Veterans’ Kids Care, Inc. is committed to creating an awareness of and providing better lives and promising futures that challenges our veterans, children, and their spouses face. We are passionately committed to providing Scholarships, Educational opportunities, Counseling, Food, Housing and Financial Assistance to our children when they are faced with the tragic death or disability, financial hardship of one or both parents.
    If you want to help us on our mission please go to our website and see What We Have Done So Far, and our goals for the future that can be realized by your donations to the cause.

    Leon R Gaither
    1st Veterans Kids Care, Inc.


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