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Hey there, as promised, I’m following up with the final interview I conducted with Vickie Durfee, Executive Director and Lisa Miller, Partner of Full Circle Home. Full Circle Home won a Bonus Challenge during the CrowdRise Veterans Charity Challenge that raised over $448,000. Full Circle Home’s doing some really good work. Through donations and corporate partnerships, Full Circle Home has arranged for gift boxes to be sent on behalf of service members to the home front, since 2007.

Vickie spoke about supporting both the troops and their families at home. Hand-written loves notes, boxes, and gifts are sent to any woman at home who is a source of support; sisters, mothers, girlfriends, wives. “It’s a way for the community to say thank you both to the women and to those who are deployed…We sent out 150 boxes in the first month of the idea.”

You can listen to the full interview here:

After the interview, Vickie wrote to tell me a little more about Full Circle Home:

We have been able to make great headway with determination and the expectancy of reaching our goals. Our story is really the story of our troops and their heroes at home! There is SO much need, but without those protecting our freedoms, we might not have the luxury to worry about the rest.

We continue to grow and will take on new challenges as they line up with our mission. The addition of FCH’s Wounded Warriors Project is one such program. I’ve included a photo, one of the few we actually been able to take at Walter Reed. This soldier was a delight, and I think he felt empowered that he could do something special for his mom.



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