A letter to Men Who Trust Women

Hey, Your support for Men Who Trust Women is really important.

Reproductive health’s now center stage in political debates and legislation.

Men really can, should, and do play an important role in all of this.  Unfortunately, there are bad actors out there who oppose choice, and they often speak up to dominate the national conversation about women’s health. I feel that we should treat everyone like we want to be treated, and that means everyone gets a break.

Men Who Trust Women is really making a difference though.  A new national initiative of the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women, Men Who Trust Women is the real deal. They’re a vibrant and growing national network that really has their feet on the ground. They provide a unique opportunity for prominent men to play a visible, supportive, and influential role as allies for women’s rights to make decisions about their health.

Your support for this Initiative’s critical. In the US, the Declaration of Independence tells us that we’re all equal under law, and I’m talking about following through with that.

The majority of the US public strongly supports the right to reproductive health care, including access to affordable contraception and legal abortion.  This is something that’s really important.  But, here’s the deal, opponents in state legislatures and in Congress continue to aggressively legislate away access to basic reproductive health care, with real consequences for our health and our democracy. States have passed laws banning abortion after only 6 weeks. Our Peace Corps members do not have access to coverage for abortion, and the military folks are only covered in rare, exceptional cases.


Please join us as a Member of Men Who Trust Women, along with other prominent supporters, including Chip Conley (founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author), Howard Dean MD (former Governor and presidential candidate), and Vinod Khosla (respected Venture Capitalist). We know that reproductive rights and democracy are essential to our own lives as family members, friends, colleagues, and we welcome this opportunity to speak out as leaders and express our views. It’s just the right thing to do; and a nerd’s gotta do what a nerd’s gotta do.

If you’re able, please take the opportunity to contribute your financial support. It’s important to take a public stand for reproductive rights. You can donate online at Men Who Trust Women – Donate

Joe Brenner, National Coordinator of Men Who Trust Women, will contact you to discuss the Initiative’s strategic program. We really appreciate all your support. It’s not altruism, it just feels right.

Craig Newmark

0 thoughts on “A letter to Men Who Trust Women

  1. The title of your organization is misleading and deceptive: it gives rise to the notion that those who disagree with you about when life begins don’t trust women. The issue is not about trusting women or about name calling by referring to those who disagree with you as “bad actor”, but about when does life begin and does everyone have a right to life whether or not they are still in the womb. Since it is now firmly established that life begins at conception, then the Declaration of Independence demands that the unborn is equal under the law and has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Referring to the taking of that life as “women’s reproductive health” is an attempt at euphemistically hiding the taking of the right to life from the unborn. You are intentionally clouding the debate and redirecting the focus away from the main issue. If you truly wish to see that “everyone gets a break” then give the unborn a break and treat them as you wish to be treated and allow them a chance at life.


  2. Dan’s comment reminds me of the ’70s poster of the pregnant man with the caption “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament”. Dan and many other anti-abortion people claim that pro-choice people are “intentionally clouding the debate and redirecting the focus away from the main issue” which they assert is the right to life of the unborn. Pro-choice people say that their opponents are conveniently forgetting that female humans are people also and that pregnancies can have seriously negative consequences to the woman and to others around her.

    I wrote “many other anti-abortion people” because not all those opposed to abortion do so from a “right-to-life” perspective. I come from Tennessee which with several neighboring states likes to think of itself as the buckle of the bible belt. Opposition to abortion there comes from a belief that pregnancy is appropriate punishment for having sex, whether consensual, rape, or incest. I hope that Dan’s and other’s right-to-life perspective does not include the anti-sex motivation of my family and former neighbors, but it sure does include the anti-women attitude of the bible belt.

    As a man who trusts women (and is not opposed to sex), I don’t believe that Dan or anyone else should coerce a pregnant woman to have or not have an abortion for any reason.


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