Supporting some nonprofits, and some not, here’s the deal

For well over ten years, a whole bunch of nonprofit orgs (NPOs) have asked me for assistance, and I think I’ve gone way above and beyond to help as much as I could.

The vehicle for all that is now, where I support some causes for the short term, while learning how to do it way, way better with a twenty-year horizon.

I’ve chosen a range of causes that feel right to me, they resonate for me at a gut level. Military families and veterans efforts feel right, so does the effort to help restore trustworthiness to journalism.


One way that I validate my gut reaction about a NPO is through good orgs like Charity Navigator, Guidestar, Center for Investigative Reporting, and GreatNonprofits. They help me find good, effective nonprofits. When they talk about America’s 50 Worst Charities or rate how NPOs are doing, I pay attention.

If I believe in a cause enough, it becomes a craigconnects focus, and my team and I locate NPOs who are really good at helping, at “moving the needle,” and support them.

Also, I’ll support NPOs that are effective and do things that I believe in, with no specific pattern.

The danger with going with my gut is that we’ve learned, the hard way, that some NPOs are really good at telling a really good, heart-rending story. Turns out that they aren’t really good at helping anyone who needs help. Cash sent to them winds up in some briefly attention-getting awareness raising, something normally useful, and in salaries and perks. Usually, an NPO gets attention via getting real results, but the kind I’m talking about, they get attention, and hope that no one checks if they get anything done.

NPOs want help from me in social media, both in consulting mode and in using social media to their benefit. I’m okay with both. Even a nerd can get to be good at all this, though I’ll never be good as a natural.

For more, please check out, check out [connect with Craig], that’s a start, and I really appreciate it.



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  1. Hi Craig, Funny when I started reading your post what immediately came to my mind is, Oh my God this guy (you) provide a world wide web site basically for free to everyone. How could anyone really expect much more from one person. Of course you will support certain causes because that is simply who you are, a generous caring person who wants to make a positive influence. Anyone asking you for additional help should at the very least recognize all the help and support you already provide. For me Craig, I am a fan and respect you for sure. With that is I could ever help you with anything, please just reach out. Rich


    1. I am making the assumption based on your website that you are just trying to get Craig to work with you for monetary reasons,even though your being very vague about it, so to hide your intentions. I had an idea about starting a foundation for people born with mental disabilities one day,(I’m just a college student) so I started doing internet research and was lead here. I seen you had a website for working with special needs people and I got on your and it made me absolutely furious. you get some kind of tax right off by “employing” these people, and you say you do it for them yet your damn history of the sock clip is 20x longer than the information you provide about the organization, and no information educating about disabilities and why its important to help these amazing people. The entire website is entirely a sock clip advertisement with pictures of special people making sock clips. Im sure you or this websites only intention is to make money and not help these people, you make me absolutely sick. My younger brother has Downs Syndrome, and if he were working in a place like that for people like that, I’d do whatever I could to put an end to it.


  2. 2013 October 12
    Dear Craig,
    I hope you are well. This is a Thank You note.
    More than ten years ago, you put up on the web, to support the Reunion of the 1961 Freedom Riders on the 40th Anniversary of their iconic bus rides through the South.
    We had been attacked, abused, arrested, and incarcerated in Mississippi in the Spring and Summer of 1961. In 2001 we were celebrating our unprecedented success in changing America.
    At Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi, we gathered and sang and, with the help of your web site, connected with each other from the far corners of America, and the world. Now the 50th Anniversary has come and gone, and your web site is still up, a kind of historical document.
    It is now, however, incorporated into the announcement of publication of another historical document, my Freedom Rider Diary: Smuggled Notes from Parchman Prison, which will be out next February. In scribbled notes during my 40 days in Mississippi jails and prisons, I recorded the daily terrors and joys of our struggle, and those notes were then transcribed into this book.
    Thank you, Craig, for your gracious help along the way.
    Best regards,
    Carol Ruth Silver
    Offices of Carol Ruth Silver
    Attorney at Law (retired)
    68 Ramona Av San Francisco 94103
    415 861 5802


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