Texas government working hard to prevent women from voting

Folks, we are gearing up for midterm elections and that means that you should be aware of your rights. wendy-davis-e1382019677722

There are some real bad actors out there trying to implement laws to stop eligible people, including women, from voting. What I learned in high school civics class is that an attack on voting rights is virtually the same as an attack on the country.

The New Civil Rights Movement writes, as reported by Think Progress:

“as of November 5, Texans must show a photo ID with their up-to-date legal name. It sounds like such a small thing, but according to the Brennan Center for Justice, only 66% of voting age women have ready access to a photo document that will attest to proof of citizenship. This is largely because young women have not updated their documents with their married names, a circumstance that doesnʼt affect male voters in any significant way. Suddenly 34% of women voters are scrambling for an acceptable ID, while 99% of men are home free.”

Some politicians have tried to manipulate voting laws for their benefit, that’s not right. We need integrity in our elections and voting that’s free, fair, and accessible.

It’s up to us all to ensure the integrity of our voting process by getting registered, speaking up against voter ID laws and the attack on voting rights, and to encourage everyone to vote, regardless of ethnicity or gender.

Disenfranchising voters is not a new thing, but has been happening across the country for some time now. Last year, I worked with some good folks to create an infographic about impact of voter suppression.


My team and I have compiled a list of voting resources; please check it out, and share any helpful resources that you think are missing in the comment section.

0 thoughts on “Texas government working hard to prevent women from voting

  1. I hear people must show a government approved id to sign up for Obamacare. I think it’s time to turn your sights in this egregious travesty as well Craig.


  2. This argument has been on the table for over eight years now – are you not working to get these people a picture I.D. ? Come on folks. This should no longer be an issue. If you cannot find a photo I.D. within eight years, you must not be trying too hard; maybe if you get Obama to help print them for you, i mean, he’s a master at printing money so they should have that down by now; of course, they did have to destroy billions of bills due to printing errors ! Please stop screaming “disenfrancisement” and get your I.D.


  3. Those disenfranchising racists at WalMart made me show photo id to buy beer today! The other day I was stopped at a routine DWI checkpoint and had to show those racists my driver’s license before I could proceed on home!


    1. Please, really? The difference is huge. Both men and women have to do the same when it comes to alchohal checks. The voting problem in Texas is only presented to women. How is this not “disenfrancisement”. If it were up to men to get these documents in order it would never happen, unless their wives did it for them. You really do sound pathentic. And yes if you are wondering, I am a Republican!


  4. Thank you Craig and Peter for being intelligent , caring men who can see beyond the nose on your face which these other two buffoons
    can’t. Since men are not usually the ones who have their rights screwed with its easy to act like asses however, one these crooked politicians succeed in blocking womens rights YOUR rights are next aand don’t think your wages and your rights to buy beer at poverty maker WaLMart will change. I know you think I am a stupid Woman but being an EDUCATED one I have watched our rights being stripped from us which you are probably not even aware of Thank You GW Bush. So you keep on joking and try to vote in another Republican so you can keep your guns and jackass attitudes BUT you WILL end up standing in a bread line.


  5. I don’t know what you think the problem is. If you can’t find a photo of yourself or your marriage certificate, then you have a problem. I have no problem showing my photo ID when I vote and I see nothing wrong with this. It is up to you to make sure you have the right documents.


  6. Why do I need to provide a name and email address to comment? Because you want ID! ID! You want ID to allow me to comment. Get it? Make it easier for people to get the proper ID, and hold voting during times when people can actually get to the polls. It’s not that hard to figure out.


  7. Hello there!
    This law is for the best.
    If you did not update your information when married who’s fault is that?
    If your not from america and got married here then paper work can be more challenging but
    It still your responsibility to take care of it. You have been informed of whats needed so stop being lazy…
    This law does not take the right of voting away from women.
    If anything this law makes you keep up to date info with local dmv/ gov agencies

    To all the illegals crying about this law i have no sympathy


  8. It is the responsibility of every citizen to make sure they have an updated drivers licence. It is actually illegal to have an I.D. that is not correct. It is a false representention of yourself. Not unlike a false I.D. teens use to get into bars. I find this arguement very weak and lacking in substance. It’s nothing more than arguementative. A bank wont cash your check if your I.D. is incorrect or out of date. Would you cry foul here or get an updated I.D. so you can have access to your money? Voters should be responsible and held accountable as in every aspect of society.


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