Top 10 Veterans Orgs to Follow on Twitter

Hey,  Veterans Day is Monday, and there are some good orgs who really have their boots on the ground.

Okay, a while back, my wife (then fiance) asked me why I only did my normal level of support for veterans and military families on Memorial Day. My blurt was that “for me, every day’s Memorial Day.” And I feel the same way about Veterans Day.

Here are ten veterans orgs that you should be following on Twitter. They have important things to say, and are working hard for military families and veterans’ rights. The list is in no particular order.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of American, @IAVA


iavaSwords to Plowshares, @vetshelpingvets


swordsplowsharesBob Woodruff Foundation, @Stand4Heroes



Blue Star Families, @BlueStarFamily



National Military Family Association, @military_family



Returning Veterans Project, @ReturnVeterans



The SF Veteran Success Center, @SF_VSC



Operation Homefront, @Op_Homefront



Warrior Canine Connection, @WarriorCanineCn



Luke’s Wings, @LukesWingsUSA




I figure that we should support and thank Americans who risk taking a bullet to protect us, and that means also looking after their families. Just seems right… Happy Veterans Day, folks.

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  1. On behalf of the entire Luke’s Wings team, we just wanted to say thank you for including us in this list. We are joined by some of the most influential and impactful nonprofits around. We could not be more honored to be mentioned here. Your support is invaluable! Keep them flying!


  2. We are developing a new wellness initiative to help vets get connected to alternative wellness practitioners that already offer free services for them! If you or your family are or were in the military, let us know what you need and paste this survey link everywhere and anywhere…we want to help you!

    Survey for Military Members, Veterans & Families


  3. Volunteers of America has a new program called the Veteran Employment Network. We link Vets with job opportunities and help renter them into the work force. It helps them wind off of their Chapter 115 and go full force into work. We also offer certificate programs for Veterans. If anyone knows of any Veterans in need of a job in the Middlesex, Essex, counties please e-mail me or pass my information along. Thank you! Angela Eberle


  4. Our grass roots organizations (Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives, Inc and Long Island Veterans Initiatives @ Farmingdale, Inc) are increasing the capacity for veteran businesses to become job creators and to bridge the gap between missing services that keep veterans left out. We need help reaching the NFL and the NY/NJ SuperBowl Committee to get them to invest in long term veteran projects instead of spending so much money on short term frills. In the NY metro area alone including Northern New Jersey and Long Island, there are over 25,000 veterans who are homeless or in jeopardy of being homeless. What happens to them? The NFL got millions of dollars to promote the SuperBowl but have limited veteran business participation, which means fewer veterans getting paid. Our vets need homes and good jobs, not just parades and halftime flyovers. We pay the highest taxes and utility rates in the country so the 100,000 jobs project cannot keep our vets in a home. NY State gave millions towards promoting the tourism for the game, but what happens to the million dollar tour bus once the game is over?? How did they get their money so quickly and veteran homeowners are still waiting for Superstorm Sandy funding and our student veterans have to decide whether to stay in school or get a job because this region has the greatest delays for student benefits. I salute all vet groups that focus on veterans and not photo ops. I am a veteran advocate and helped to call attention to the VA in Northeastern PA and the greyhounding going on there where veterans were dumped in large cities so they could downplay their homelessness issue. We advocated for veteran contractors to get allowances for their certifications to qualify for civilian contracts. We need to connect all the proactive organizations to “complete the mission” here at home instead of “competing with each other.” The gaps are glaring in the statistics so we have to think outside the box. The mission is only complete when we have eliminated the homelessness, joblessness, suicides and broken spirits and improved the broken infrastructure nationwide that is making the homecoming for our heroes a sad event once the parade is over. The American public is not aware of just how bad things are and if we are not taking care of the ones here now, how can we handle the rest coming home?? This is a wake up call and a call to action. Can we count you in??


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