5 More Women in Tech Organizations You Should Know

Folks, a while back my team and I created a list of the Top 10 Women in Tech Orgs and I’m following up with some of the suggestions that have been sent in. I checked out all of the orgs that people commented about, and appreciate the great women in tech organizations that are really getting the job done.

Here are 5 more women in tech orgs that you should know about:

App Camp For Girls teaches girls how to brainstorm, design, build and pitch iPhone apps. It’s a place where girls can put their creative power to work, concepting and building apps, while learning more about the business of software and being inspired by women who are professional software developers. The org is planning to expand beyond Portland, Oregon, in Summer 2014, and are recruiting organizers now. 



Women Tech Council provides mentoring, visibility and networking for women. The community is built for women who currently work for technology companies, and for those that may work in technology roles in other market sectors. Women Tech Council provides leadership, resources, and mentoring for women while maintaining a strong bond with the business community supporting avenues for top technology talent and visible sponsorship opportunities. They support women-owned and women-operated technology companies, and pride themselves on recognizing women leaders and entrepreneurs in the technology business and supporting them.


women tech council

Dames Making Games is a nonprofit, educational feminist organization dedicated to supporting Dames interested in creating games. They welcome all people of any gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, race, religion, ability, nationality, socioeconomic status, and immigrant status as members. Their goals are to:

    • Demonstrate the value of diversity in a broad range of disciplines related to games
    • Highlight the achievements of diverse Toronto-based gamemakers
    • Provide a community and venue for dames to confidently explore playing, discussing, and creating games



Women in Wireless is a great community of visionary mobilists. The org empowers and develops female leaders in mobile and digital media. They do this through inspirational panels and webinars, leadership development, mentoring, and networking.


women in wireless

Women’s Coding Collective began with the merging of Web Start Women and their counterpart Codagogy. Web Start Women’s mission was to encourage women entrepreneurs in the local community to learn tech skills that would further their businesses. Then they built Codagogy to make web programming education accessible to women anywhere and everywhere. These initiatives grew and developed so that a new name was needed to encompass all that they had become, hence the Women’s Coding Collective (WCC). The WCC is an even stronger, more focused web development community for women coders and creators.


womens coding collective



Any other orgs you think I should be looking at? Thanks!

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  1. Hi Craig,
    Aside from being FB friends and fellow Morristownians, your brother Jeff was my first boyfriend. We were very active in USY together.
    Anyway, I would like to introduce you to my college roommate from Rider University, Jody Raines. She is quite dynamic as you will see by her website. I hope you will consider her for this program.
    Hope all is well with you and your beautiful wife!
    Teri Kace-Englbrecht


  2. More organizations to check out:

    NY Tech Women techwomen.co @nytechwomen (Women oriented networking in the NY Tech scene)

    Bella Minds bellaminds.com @bellaminds (a for-profit organization spreading tech literacy to rural women)

    Plum Alley plumalley.co @plumalley (a woman tech-focused crowd funding site)


  3. Hey Craig,

    We’re launching a pilot in SF in Feb 2014 to teach moms how to code. At a time when technology skills are in high demand and increasingly critical to success, we aim to provide moms with the basic training they need to on-ramp to technical careers. We believe our approach – create a safe learning environment for moms by providing on-site childcare and peer and professional support – will enable more moms to develop the basic computer programming skills and industry knowledge and connections necessary to thrive in the new economy.

    We hope to have your support! And thanks for getting the word out about women in tech orgs!

    Best, Tina


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