Big Deal: CrowdRise Holiday Challenge Has Raised Over $1.6M

Folks, I’ve been supporting the CrowdRise #HolidayChallenge this season by giving $75k to the campaign. Nonprofits nationwide have been participating to raise money for their causes.

Right now, $1,655,270 and counting has been raised, excluding the money I donated. This is huge. I think we’ll be able to raise even more by the end of the challenge on January 9th. If you’re able, I’d really encourage you to support your favorite causes.

Bonus Challenge #1 was won by the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

Bonus Challenge #2 was won by Cure JM

Bonus Challenge #3 was won by Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Bonus Challenge #4 was a Rock, Paper, Scissors match between the first two teams to raise $250 each day that week. The winner got $1500 and the loser got 4 Verizon Droid Minis (some are using ’em as prizes for their own supporters which is so great). The winners are listed first:

Bonus Challenge #5 winner was Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Bonus Challenge #6 winner was Red Wolf Coalition

And, the final Bonus Challenge #7 starts on Monday, January 6th at 2pm ET. The team that gets the greatest number of donations between then and the end of the Challenge, January 9th at 11:59:59am ET gets $6000 for their cause.

What causes have you been supporting?



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