5 websites you should be glad exist

It’s a little hard to say, since most of my reading is via RSS feeds. But if I were to pick a few sites I couldn’t live without, I’d have to go with the following.

    1. Maybe Political Wire for best political summary.
    2. HuffPost for general news…
    3. Dilbert; Seriously, I lived the Dilbert life for nearly twenty years, often failing to learn what normal people learning growing up.dilbert
    4. Consumerist for updates on consumer reports.
    5. …and because I couldn’t resist, craigslist.cl


I’m keeping an eye out for new sites to follow in 2014. What sites are your favorite go-to websites? (And more on my favorite podcasts later…)

0 thoughts on “5 websites you should be glad exist

  1. Ars Technica. Because the comment threads are absolutely some of the most interesting, informed, and intelligent discussions on the whole Internet; consistently.


  2. I definetly agree with two Huff post. And of course Craigslist !
    Craigslist actually is the reason I bought my first computer, to be able
    to resale my broken down (blown engine) motor home. I bought computer from
    used computer shop at flea market for $125.00 had internet installed and straight
    To Craigslist I went un-knowing anything about computers at all. I finally posted
    My listing and sold the motor home within a week to buyer from several hundred
    miles away,for $2000.00 with blown engine!!! Oh my, I am glad the guy told me about
    Craigslist ,was so confident in his experiences selling items he had to share with me !! Of course the internet and computer have opened whole world to me. Not sure of
    When I would have figured out if not for this person and his sales stories. Then my immediate sucess selling older model broken motor home. Craisglist has truly changed
    my life forever. I have been able to start and operate small business buy/sell/trading from Craigslist. Thank you, Robert


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