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Hey, this guy knows Leonard Cohen (my rabbi)! We were just talking about how to better seriously share power and resources with people who need it, particularly in India and Africa.

I’ve now gotten interested in that, and would love to work with people who really have their boots on the ground making a difference.

The whole deal with craigconnects is using tech to give a real voice to the voiceless and real power to the powerless. Do you have any suggestions?

A nerd’s gotta do what a nerd’s gotta do.


3 thoughts on “Glasses, philanthropy, last week

  1. You could let people know how to get past gatekeepers. Publish a contest for the most innovative Ideas that are in line with your current values and goals require people who want to participate with you know that they should be willing to contribute a portion of their profits / tech to the cause. I would love to help, unfortunately no one will hear my voice yet.

    Thanks for keeping some hope in humanity.


  2. My name is Nancy and I founded Watts of Love, a nonprofit committed to empowering the poorest of the poor in the darkest regions of the world by providing people with sustainable solar light/phone chargers. Light is the fastest, most efficient route out of poverty, and the impact of our lights is immediate.

    Though our voice is small, our impact has been tremendous, and since 2012, we have successfully delivered thousands of solar lanterns, headlamps and solar backpacks throughout the Philippines, Haiti, Kenya and Mozambique. We believe in proving what it is that we do, and we have heavily relied on social media, photography and established partnerships to identify the most vulnerable and document the endless need for light. I believe we have an innovative, proven program, and with your help and expertise, we can tell this story globally.

    I would love the opportunity to speak with you more about what we do to illuminate lives and elevate people out of poverty.


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