7 ways to get involved in tech right now

The best way to get stuff done is to get involved, and to connect those who already have their boots on the ground.

Summer is almost  here, and it’s a really good time to get involved. My team and I have compiled a list of ways you can get involved in tech.


Ways to get more involved in tech:

  1. Either join a Girls Who Code club in your area, or start one if there’s not one already. Girls Who Code partners with school networks, community based orgs, libraries, faith-based centers, labor unions, and tech companies to bring Girls Who Code Clubs to communities all across the country.You can start a club if you’re a girl, parent, teacher, school or community leader, or anyone else who wants to bring computer science ed to your community.
  2. Get a ticket to the NonProfit 2.0 Unconference in DC. I’ll be keynoting with Majora Carter, and will be talking about grassroots organizing from the bottom up. The Unconference is only $45 on June 26, and you can use the code nptech for 10% off.
  3. Host a screening of the Black Girls CODE documentary in your community.  Black Girls CODE’s more than a program, it’s a movement. The film tells of the movement, created by San Francisco-based computer programming pioneer Kimberly Bryant, to expose young black girls to the world of computer programming and all the possibilities that they can achieve.
  4. Visit a hackerspace. Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where folks can get together and work on their projects.
  5. If you’re a DIYer, stay up all night trying to install linux on your laptop, or take your laptop apart and put it back together. Perhaps, make a social network in your dorm room.
  6. Get involved in an open source community as a tester. You can find Drupal’s community here, and you’re able to find out more about how to contribute to WordPress here.
  7. Get involved with Code for America in your city. Their philosophy’s that citizens have the power to help their cities.

What would you suggest folks do to get involved in the tech space? What motivated you to get involved? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your story.

3 thoughts on “7 ways to get involved in tech right now

  1. I would recommend a few things:

    Learn HTML, CSS (first) at w3schools.com.

    Learn to customize a WordPress or Joomla template using the HTML and CSS that you learned.

    Set up your own test site using Joomla, which is easier than Drupal. Though it is getting close to being as difficult. Then set up a basic site in Drupal.

    USE YOUTUBE TUTORIALS. Aside from w3schools, this is my favorite advice, for DRUPAL ESPECIALLY. I got a huge start with Drupal using YouTube tutorials. There is a Christian site with over 40 tutorials. I have to look up the name…

    Learn basic PHP, at least enough to spot and fix errors.


  2. Craig, for schools the best place to go is Code.org. This year they did an Hour of Code in December. My whole school, kindergarten through 5th graders, participated this past year through the Library. As an educator it was amazing to watch the students. Watching them try code for the first time, showed me how their thought process work.


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