Thanks from the Chief Nerd

Hey, everyone, my team and I’ve been reading everything you’ve kindly posted in response to my updates and posts.craig

My natural, nerdly, inclination is to respond to all, but that doesn’t work, and my focus must be to get good work done.

That work is mostly craigslist customer service, public service, and philanthropy. In my gut, they’re all party of the same thing, the same mission. We articulate that on

(Reminder: I haven’t been a company spokesman or in management since 2000.)

Seriously, my team, people smarter than me, and I, we’re listening, and what you say affects the trajectory of our work.

If you feel we miss something, please tell us via, or if you really want, I’m personally at

The team I mention?

the team

Otherwise known as:

  • Jonathan Bernstein, principal advisor and consigliere, and Army vet
  • Bruce Bonafede, media relations
  • Susan Nesbitt, nonprofit org expert
  • Allyson Kapin and Justyn Hintze, Rad Campaign, social media
  • Nora Rubinoff, admin guru
  • Mrs Newmark

Thanks for everything, I really value that!


One thought on “Thanks from the Chief Nerd

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to thank you for Craigslist. I have done a bit of thinking lately on how I use CL, what I get done on CL. and what I sell.

    I use to be a BIG E-Bay fan, first as a buyer, then as a seller (once was a “copper” reseller). Now I avoid selling on there and post whenever possible on CL or gunbroker. While E-Bay decreased in “magic”, CL has increased. I am more inclined to give away stuff by the box full to Salvation Army or Goodwill then go through the hassle of selling on E-Bay, I have a few boxes waiting now for drop off !

    I really like the features you added to the Car/Auto section. The only thing I would add is a drop down for “no title” since people usually use “clear” instead.

    Your picture service is great and so hassle free. Everything works with Ubuntu that I have tried, unlike E-Bay.

    I gave up on programming a while ago, but, with CL and Ubuntu offering such great free stuff, I have decided to get back into it and offering free app stuff myself for now. I am currently working on a DB sheet for OpenOffice for sellers to collect all the info for tax time on sales and to collate it from rel. databases.

    With the current economy I am sure you have provided a life line to millions.

    We have 8-9000 house foreclosures a year in DeKalb County (Atlanta). I use to go to storage auctions, but, found it too DEPRESSSING buying someone else’s personal life/house/sadness. Especially when they could have listed it on CL and gotten some coin for it. I like going to the yard sales much better and bought stuff there instead.

    Though I have never had one, I am sure your free yard sales (and auto sales) have kept many people in their current home.

    In short, thank you for everything and the constant improvement and features you have added.



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