5 Veterans Groups Who Deserve Recognition this Independence Day

Folks, as you get ready to celebrate the 4th of July, it’s important that we remember all those veterans and milfam orgs who really have their boots on the ground making a difference for our country. I know I have talked about the good work that IAVA and Swords to Plowshares does. Here are five more veterans and milfam orgs to check out that were part of the Veterans Charity Challenge 2.

Dog Tag Bakery

Dog Tag Bakery is an entrepreneurial program focused on education and employment for veterans with disabilities and their spouses. Here’s how their venture works. They hire cohorts of wounded veterans and their spouses to complete a program that provides both substantive work experience and a tailor made curriculum at the School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University. During the day, veterans operate the bakery: learning skills from baking to sales to business management. At the same time, they pursue a course of study focusing on small business administration and entrepreneurship, providing each student with the skills needed for the successful pursuit of a job or the foundation to create a small business venture of their own.


Healing4Heroes is dedicated to assisting military service members and veterans lead healthy, productive lives. They connect wounded service members, as well as those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, with certified service dogs. The Service dogs are free of charge to veterans.

National Military Family Association

Military families are the strength of our servicemen and women. More than 2 million children have struggled with a parent’s deployment—often leaving them with deep, emotional scars that don’t disappear when the service member returns. For 45 years, the National Military Family Association has supported the families of the currently serving, wounded, survivors, and retired. Their services include retreats for wounded service members and their families, summer camps for the children of those deployed, and educational scholarships for spouses.

Returning Veterans Project

Returning Veterans Project provides free confidential counseling and complementary health care services in Oregon and Southwest Washington for Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans, National Guard, Reserve, Active Duty Service Members, and their families. Their services are free because they recruit, train and support a large network of licensed, community-based practitioners who volunteer by opening a pro bono slot in their practice for those they serve.

Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home supports the special women of our Armed Forces during deployments. Through donations and corporate partnerships, FCH arranges for gift boxes to be sent on behalf of service members to the home front. These boxes, filled with a variety of pampering products, and most importantly, a hand written note, help to comfort and support military wives and mothers during heart-wrenching separation.


What organizations would you like to see added to this list?


8 thoughts on “5 Veterans Groups Who Deserve Recognition this Independence Day

  1. Fort McClellan Veterans – anyone who has been through Ft. Mac from 1939 to 1999 has been exposed to toxins. These toxins have been harmful to vets and their families. Please help sponsor the bill HR 411 – it’s been sitting in congress for 3 years. Fort Mac’s Toxic Soldiers needs your support.


  2. On behalf of Healing 4 Heroes, I would like to thank you, Craig, for this great opportunity. We joined very late last year, but this year we were right on top and ready to start. We are small, very grass roots, but we are mighty. To date, we have trained placed over 40 dogs rescued from high kill shelters with deserving Veteran suffering PTSD, TBI and other “unseen wounds of war.” We currently have 47 waiting for their dogs. We never charge the Veteran. We rely on donations, grants and fundraisers. We didn’t win the big prize, but we did so much better than last year. We are keeping our Crowdrise link open and will accept more donations gladly. Donations can also be made on our website, http://www.Healing4Heroes.org


  3. Craig: Thanks for the matching gifts, challenges, and all the wonderful resources you put together to make the Veterans Charity Challenge a big success. With your help, we reached our fundraising goal of $20,000 this year and more than doubled the amount we raised compared to last year. The friendly competition was helpful but I don’t regret that we weren’t one of the grand prize winners. Knowing that the grand prize winners are doing equally wonderful work with veterans in another states, makes me feel like we are all winners—helping the newest generation of veterans come all the way home!


    1. Sarah, congratulations on your great success! Out group, Healing 4 Heroes is just 3 years old. We are very much grass roots. Can I ask how you achieved it? We never charge Veterans for the service dogs. Since we rely on grants and donations, I am always keeping my eyes open for opportunities to learn and help the group succeed.



  4. You need to add to your list of military charities …”HonorFlight”. They fly plane loads
    of WWII veterans to Washington DC to visit the WWII Memorial –
    I think it is a .com type listing and is a 501 3C charitable organization
    Check them out you will find them worthy of inclusion !
    Thanks. William


  5. Know a Veteran? See a Veteran? How about a spouse or family member? Walk up to them and thank them for serving. This little act of kindness is a small but meaningful bit of love. It’s fun and fulfilling for all.


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