What Are Real Ways To Help Veterans Out?

Hey, I was involved in the virtual roundtable on Reinventing How Veterans Transition into Society in the Reinvent America series with a few really smart people, who are doing good work with vets issues.

The focus of the roundtable was, How do we improve the reentry experience of war veterans into the American economy and society? Since less than 1% of Americans currently serve in the military, it’s a really important conversation to have. We need to talk about how to help our vets and service members reintegrate into society, including economically.

I talked a little about translating the skills that servicemen and women have into the language of the workplace so that recruiters and human resource folks can better understand how to leverage their assets. I figure if a person’s going to maybe go out there and risk taking a bullet protecting me, I could do something, like help them get a job.

You can watch a 10 minute recap of the roundtable here, or you can click through to watch the full 90-minute discussion.


2 thoughts on “What Are Real Ways To Help Veterans Out?

  1. Craig – Great questions. Our VetConnector technology is different from anything else out there, and the US Special Operations Command is using it to assist transitioning service members!


  2. Companies I’ve worked with in the past have an abundance of entry level jobs that often utilize pre-existing soft skills, combining those with the hard skills necessary for the job, and training the perfect employee. A perfect example is Quicken Loans’ mortgage banking program. I think a good way to put these veterans to work is to identify several of these companies with these types of positions and work with them to reserve a number of applications for veterans, who have arguably the hardest soft skills in the world.


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