Respect for the Federal worker

The NextGen Public Service Awards will be awarded soon, and I was asked to do a little video thanking people for their service.

Here’s the video, couple minutes, maybe indulge me by taking a look:

The gist is the Fed workers don’t get no respect, and that’s way unfair.

In the video I extend my respect, and suggest that Feds can get the respect they’ve already earned by posting good news regarding their work in social media.

Then, they can ask friends, including me, to further Share and retweet those posts.  (I’m already doing so for multiple agencies.)

Please bring your Public Affairs Officers into the loop; remember that their jobs are already really tough.

If anyone gives you crap, Blame Craig.

(and yes, the “don’t get no respect” thing is a Rodney Dangerfield reference.)

One thought on “Respect for the Federal worker

  1. Really a well-done piece of work here. However, I work for the government 26 years and pay raises were scheduled opportunities to advance, competitive in that you put in for an announcement are selected off a list all of this done at the headquarters level. In other words you rarely got the opportunity to talk to those who were actually in the position to promote you give you a review or affect your career in any other way. And the government it’s whether or not you’re willing to move from one end of the country to the other that you get promoted out of the time sequence.


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