Why I speak ONLY for myself

Hey, recently I’ve made a point of reminding people that I haven’t been a spokesman for craigslist, or had any role in management since 2000.

My deal is that, as a manager, I kinda suck, but I found my calling in customer service, and every day I saw how we helped people put food on the table and put a roof over that table.

Customer service is a big part of what inspires me; also consider that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”(Martin Luther King Jr.)

For a few years now (time flies!) I’ve been working on public service and philanthropy under the craigconnects.org umbrella.

In the short term, I have a few causes I believe in and support a number of organizations who are good at getting stuff done for those causes.

In the long term, over a twenty year period say, my goal is to connect people everywhere, to support the stuff *they* believe in.

People often know me as the founder of craigslist, but these days I’m on my own public service mission. So, thoughts I share publicly here (or anywhere else) are my own, and I speak only for myself.

That way craigslist and its users won’t (or at least shouldn’t) get blamed for anything I say or do.


6 thoughts on “Why I speak ONLY for myself

  1. After returning to college after many years, I was astonished to find how expensive textbooks are.I think it would be a service to(poor)students to have a Craigslist category dedicated to reselling or trading textbooks. -Vince


    1. I guess you missed the part in this article where Craig said REPEATEDLY that he has no role in CL management. Plus, I guess you also missed the part where there is already a category on CL to buy and sell books. I see a lot of textbooks there. In fact, in my region, that is most of the listings. You can only have so many categories. I am sure they thought long and hard before rejecting the idea of having several for rather narrow groups of items.


    2. Vincent,
      Moving beyond the comment that Craig has no dealing with the management of Craigslist, you have a very valid suggestion.
      I rented my textbooks last term, and purchased 2 e-textbooks to save a LOT of money. There are a few sites that only rent textbooks, too. Education is changing, and textbook gouging by the universities is taking a major hit, I’m betting.
      Also, there are new educational sites bringing the cost of a degree down to virtually nothing, and now ‘nano-degrees’ offered by Udacity, in partnership with some huge companies.
      Things are changing due to economic and consumer demand, and it may not be necessary to start another textbook exchange. 🙂


  2. I work for the government for 26 years before succumbing to an illness. That time I was a manager and have to agree with you I don’t know that was really good at it. You are right I should pay more attention as to what I do credit for this system is a little tweaking for me I’m old-school.


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