Fighting Pigeons, and Other Home Office Visitors

Hey, I get a lot of appreciated disturbances at my home office. Sometimes the visitors act as my alarm clock, and other times they’re drooling. Here’s a brief look from my window…

2Fighters, or …?


Insects are delicious, or, Woodpecker waking Craig up at five am is hilarious.

Steller’s Jay locks in best target in the Squirrel-resistant Suet Palace.

(note to self: refill the Palace)

A Robin, bath interrupted, and indignant
A Robin, bath interrupted, and indignant.

Craig's wake up call today provided by two raccoons

Craig’s wake up call is sometimes provided by two raccoons, here’s one of ’em.

New way to wake up Craig- a very chuffed, very loud, Western Scrub Jay

Others have discovered a new way to wake up Craig: a very chuffed, very loud, Western Scrub Jay.

Okay, we'd like to see more of these guys. The Mrs put up a parrot toy. She's instructed me to make parrot noise

Okay, we’d like to see more of these guys. The Mrs put up a parrot toy. She’s instructed me to make “parrot noise.”

Parrots, skeptical and amused (at least the bald spot hasn't grown in  20 years...)

Parrots, skeptical and amused. (At least the bald spot hasn’t grown in  20-30 years…)

Philosopher pigeon wonders about it all

Philosopher pigeon wonders about it all.

Selfie with Billy

Selfie with Billy, nephew #20 who will visit, someday. Billy’s the one (visibly) drooling…

the demure one

The demure one.

The team

The team.


And, finally, this is Walter.

These photos are all by the Mrs. and myself, and were pulled from my facebook page, and the #Crileen (that’s Craig and Eileen) Birdography Spectacular. A Special thanks to Cornell Lab of Ornithology and for helping out with some bird IDs, they do great work!

I’ll keep you posted on the parrot noises…

4 thoughts on “Fighting Pigeons, and Other Home Office Visitors

  1. Your photos brighten my day.
    Your public service and philanthropy brighten the World.
    Keep up the good work.


  2. What a lovely post! I love all the pictures of your garden friends. Isn’t wonderful to have these creatures around? I think so every day when I look at my back window.


  3. Hello,
    I just read that you are an enthusiastic birdwatcher. I invite you to stop by the Birdsbesafe® website to see how my little backyard invention from Vermont (now patenting pending) is helping protect birds from cats, all over the world. I’d love to tell you more, if you’re interested. The world wide web has made spreading this effective tool possible, and now the business is really growing so that more and more cat owners can help protect birds. Thanks!


  4. Wonderful photos! You’ve got lots of awesome birdy friends & I love seeing Rock Pigeons included & getting their due. Thank you! And big Hello to Walter! Are you hooked up with MickaCoo’s big sister parrot rescue Mickaboo? They have lots of wonderful info & support for cockatiel parronts. 8 )


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