Some Things You Should Know About Voter ID Laws

Voter ID Laws: solving a nonexistent problem with more government and more expense.

Folks, we’re almost a month away from National Voter Registration Day, on September 23, 2014, and less than 3 months away from elections, and that means that you should be aware of your rights.

Elections for US States Senate will be November 4, 2014. These elections mark 100 years of direct elections of U.S. Senators.

The elections to the US House of Representatives, elections for governors in states and territories, and many state and local elections will also be held on November 4, 2014.

The Declaration of Independence reminds us that we’re all equal under the law, but there are politicians who find that threatening.

There are some real bad actors out there trying to implement laws to stop eligible people, including women, the elderly, and communities of color, from voting. What I learned in high school civics class is that an attack on voting rights is virtually the same as an attack on the country.

According to the ACLU, 30 states require voters to present identification to vote in federal, state and local elections.

The Founders of the US tell us that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, meaning that citizens have the right to vote. However, there are politicians who don’t like that, and they’re attacking the integrity of the election by making it hard for people to vote.

But there are some orgs out there who are doing real good work, like the Advancement Projectthe Brennan Center for Justice, Rock the Vote, League of Women Voters, and Voto Latino, they really have their boots on the ground when it comes to protecting the voting rights of us all.

49 yrs ago, LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act (VRA) to protect all voters. And, hey, maybe it’s time Congress does the same. It’s been over a year since the Supreme Court gutted the VRA. Congress needs to protect all voters by passing the Voting Rights Amendment Act (VRAA) to restore the VRA and provide modern, nationwide protections against discrimination at the polls.

It’s important to know when the Voter Registration deadline is in your state, you can find out here.

Disenfranchising voters is not a new thing, but has been happening across the country for some time now. A while back, my team and I created an infographic about the impact of voter suppression. And we also put together a list of voting resources; please check it out, and share any helpful resources that you think are missing in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Some Things You Should Know About Voter ID Laws

  1. Thanks Craig for mentioning the importance in taking part of our electoral process. In the June election in California only 18% of registered voters took to the ballot box.

    Registering people to vote is an important thing however showing up to vote is just as important. Most people are overwhelmed by the ballot and as an active League of Womens Voters member can be as well. I am a Vote-By-Mail voter and I would highly recommend voting by mail. Mainly, because I can spend a month with my ballot and take my time to vote. There’s no shame in inviting friends to help you discuss the ballot. It’s more fun that way. However, make sure to mail your ballot at least a week in advance. Unlike taxes, Ballots must arrive at the election office on election day.

    In October, the League of Women Voters of CA will have short 2-minute videos on upcomng ballot measures and will have YOUR ballot. Just type in your zip code – visit –

    Again, thanks for the mention and happy voting day. Call your local League of Women Voters to have our Pro/Con team come out to speak to your group – FOR FREE!


  2. I do not see Requiring a person to present an ID card in order to vote as infringing on someones right to vote. Rather I see it as preserving the integrity of the vote. The constitution guarantees every CITIZEN OF THE USA a vote, one vote. If we don’t require ID we can not be sure they are a US citizen. Unless you come up with a better way to ensure that only citizens vote and those only once then we need ID laws in order to preserve the integrity of the vote.


    1. Thank you David Davenport, for stating the obvious reason for needing to show your ID. Why are people afraid to show you are a citizen? If you want to have a say in how this country is governed then BECOME a citizen, it is as simple as that! Vote integrity is the most important. But also people need to know just how important it is to vote or, scary thought, we could all loose that privilege!


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