How to Use Social Media Better, For Equality

Hey, I have a commitment to fairness, based on a (naive) nerd desire to make life less unfair.

I’ve created a video asking you to help create a more fair world, please indulge me and watch, and share it. It’s for a good cause, and is a brief discussion of social media for the Women in Public Service Project.

The thing is, social media can be harnessed for policy-making, and remember that real change doesn’t happen from the top down. That is, the act of discussing policy in social media helps participants buy into it, and later, the discussion record helps other join the effort.

So, my challenge for you to is work with each other, within your networks, then between networks, to commit to the mutual acquisition of power, on a near daily basis, from now to 2050.

The gist of the challenge is to use social networking such that your discussions can extend beyond tens or hundreds of people into millions of people. This can span countries, time, and cultures.

Caveat: trolls, sometimes professional ones, will seek profit at your expense. Watch out for trolls who tell a good, heart-wrenching story.troll meme

I’ll help however I can, and I have confidence in you. So, what I’m asking of you is commitment to collaborate with people in your immediate network.

My challenge to you is to work together, with each other, in your networks, then transcend networks. I’m making a big ask of you…Can I have your commitment?

6 thoughts on “How to Use Social Media Better, For Equality

  1. I agree with you Craig! Congratulations. Unity makes strength . I started in our church’ s comunity to advertise the idea, on person-2-person base. Will keep you posted. God bless and…thank you.


  2. ~ I admire your commitment to fairness. Your point of view syncs very closely with that which I believe to be the rational position. Together the people can cause fairness to become reality. Thanks, Craig.


  3. Your concept of Craigslist has helped so many people connect and advertise among one another for free (what a concept). Your vision and commitment to fairness (especially to assist a gender not your own) is inspiring.

    Anything I can do to help, I will.


  4. Just love what your up to, the language you use to rally behind so many is truly amazing. The more WE ALL use our networks, the more we connect, the more the collaboration, the more the impact. Imagine what this world would be like — absolutely unbelievable! Thanks for all the support you provide so many, and for what you have created across the world! WOW!!


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