6 Women Run Startups to Check Out

Good news, according to a report released by the Center for American Progress:

  • the number of women-owned firms in the US grew by 59% from 1997 to 2013—1.5x the national average.
  • Women of color are the majority owners at close to 1/3 of all women-owned firms in the nation.
  • African American women are both the fastest-growing segment of the women-owned-business population and the largest share of female business owners among women of color, at 13%.

Here are 6 women-run startups you should check out:

1. Love With Food – Aihui Ong, Founder and CEO. Love With Food helps you discover new organic or all-natural snacks delivered to your door every month. Their subscription membership starts at $10/month. For every box sold, they donate a meal to several food banks, like the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry.

love with food

2. TurboVote – Kathryn Peters, Co-founder & COO. A reminder system for voters so that you don’t miss an election. They make voting easy by helping you register to vote (or updating your voter registration), helping you get absentee ballots and vote by mail, and by sending you reminders so you never forget to vote. turbovote

3. CakeHealth – Rebecca Woodcock, Founder and CEO. A free way to manage health care. CakeHealth brings all your health care plans together online so you can easily track your health spending — without the paperwork.

4. LearnUp – Alexis Ringwald, Co-founder & CEO. LearnUp solves the skills gap by empowering entry-level job seekers to learn the skills needed to get hired. They develop online trainings in partnership with employers that enables job seekers to practice real life situations of a particular job. By completing the training before they interview, job seekers are prepared for the job and increase their chances of getting hired. LearnUp is building the education-to-employment pathway for those looking for work, while helping employers hire qualified talent.


5. Samahope – Leila Janah and Sivani Garg Patel, Co-founders. Samahope was one of the first nonprofits to apply the crowdfunding model to the challenges of global health. They support doctors to fund the patient outreach and transportation, food/board, medicines, treatment (personnel and facilities), training, equipment/supplies. They also focus on women and children — The medical treatments they fund, in most cases, disproportionately affect women and children living in the poorest parts of the world. By connecting you directly with the doctors in the field, Samahope closes the gap between the donation, itself, and the impact it has on someone’s life.



6. MoolaHoop – Brenda Bazan and Nancy Hayes, Co-founders. MoolaHoop is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that enables women entrepreneurs seeking to raise funds for their small business. MoolaHoop enables women-owned, -managed and –led small businesses to easily engage their “crowd” of existing customers, potential customers, family and friends in order to raise funds for their business.


What are your favorite women-led startups? And who would you add to a 2.0 version of this list? More to come…

15 thoughts on “6 Women Run Startups to Check Out

  1. We at Caravan Studios are a start-up within a nonprofit organization, TechSoup Global. We are an intrapreneurship that produces apps for social benefit. We make tools to increase the public good.We work with nonprofits to uncover opportunities for technology intervention. We have three apps in the marketplace:

    4Bells, just released in all marketplaces: to deploy known volunteers for time-seensitive, urgent tasks – http://www.4bellsapp.org

    Safenight, to crowdfund hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence when there are no available shelter beds – http://www.safenightapp.org

    Range, to locate free meals for youth in the summer months – http://www.rangeapp.org


  2. I would add Claudine Ryan and Maryam Mohit, co-founders of GemShare, a mobile app that helps you create an easy-to-use shared rolodex/directory with all of your friends’ best recommendations for everything from preschools to plumbers. The idea is that when it comes to matters of taste or trust, you want recommendations from people you know, not anonymous reviews from strangers. More info at http://www.gemshare.com


  3. I’m the Co-Founder of “Technology Connection For Tibetan Nuns”, a women-run non-profit based in the USA & Canada. Our mission: To help make technology more accessible to Tibetan Buddhist nuns in Dharamsala, India (Home of the 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibetan community in exile).

    Our aim is to assist Tibetan Buddhist nuns so that they may:

    • achieve the highest academic and spiritual excellence possible **(results of this year’s Geshema exams are in..see post from July 17th.)**

    • acquire and refine language skills

    • document their way of life and express their story in visual and written form

    • record teachings at both the main temple (given, for example by the Dalai Lama) and at the nunneries for study purposes

    • connect with the world outside Dharamsala

    We not only purchase the technology but also install, service and provide on-site training for much needed computer software and hardware, voice recorders, cameras, etc. In addition, we analyze and upgrade computer security, ensuring the privacy of data, preventing unauthorized access and protecting systems from malicious activity such as viruses and malware.

    *Please contact us to find out how you can help: tctibetannuns@gmail.com


    1. I want to vouch for “Technology Connection for Tibetan Nuns”. I was the one who told Hillary Levin about your work with startups involving women and technology, and I hope you’ll take her organization under consideration.

      Those of us who are aware of how poor (and technologically “behind”) these nuns are, are deeply appreciative of the work this organization does. It is helping the nuns “catch up” with the modern world in the way they pursue their rigorous general education and spiritual training. And their education, in turn, will help in the preservation of the culture of Tibet, which is in danger of extinction. Tech education will have many benefits.

      I can vouch for the integrity of the women running this organization, and for the importance of their work.

      – Joan Liepman, Los Angeles.


  4. I’d like to submit my website, Sevenponds.com.

    The Boomers are currently opening the conversation on death, as it is a profound part of life that’s often overlooked and considered too taboo a topic. As they have done with birth and sex in the past, the Boomers are on a mission to make conversations around death a healthy, normal part of life. The escalating cremation rates reflect these changing attitudes around end of life. The full process: from terminal illness, to death, to grieving is all being reinvented by the Boomers, new options and new ways to heal are evolving.

    SevenPonds aims to educate and empower users at end of life with our planning guides, local resources, articles, healing tools and an active healing blog. As the founder and a Boomer myself, I’m determined to succeed despite the preferences towards men and prevalent agism that exists in the Bay Area towards startups. Thanks for giving us consideration!

    Suzette Sherman


  5. Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner of MomsRising.org, her co-founder Joan Blades, who also co-founded MoveOn.org and Berkeley Systems. Even though two of the three are nonprofits, they’re run like startups and have similar goals.


  6. Everything we do is because we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe thinking differently and therefore offering products that are, behave and do things differently.
    We challenge the status quo by making our products simple to use and user friendly in a way the makes a difference I how you feel not only about yourself but about your country… It just happens the we make great personal high-tech hygiene products.


  7. I started a non profit called ALL POINTS BULLETIN TV. The purpose to get a TV show that profile those that has run from the justice system that has been accused of violating our most vulnerable and that is our women,children and elderly.


  8. We are a women-led start up on a mission to inspire the next generation of female leaders by providing STEM and leadership learning through play! Check us out here and join the movement igg.me/at/raina


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