Why Trustworthy News Should Matter More

factcheckWe’re living in a society where trustworthy news should matter more than it seems to. As I’ve been saying, the press should be the immune system of democracy, and needs to fulfill that role again.

And just a reminder that factchecking efforts only have value, it’s felt, if:

  • Misinformation is corrected, in a way that doesn’t reinforce the lie.
  • Any involved news outlets are encouraged to avoid promoting misinformation.
  • Regular people, the broad citizenry, have the means to easily help media correct misinformation and encourage news outlets to restore factchecking.

More to come, and soon…

One thought on “Why Trustworthy News Should Matter More

  1. Hi Craig. I enjoy your site very much. But I see the article and then I see you support the huff post. I must say the make your vey much a hypocrite. Huff post is the most dishonest untruthfull organization in print today. I fail to see how you can call for honesty in the news yet you promote such trash.


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