Oh, The Places You’ll Go (a snapshot rendition of my travels)

Just like a lot of people, I’ve been playing with photography, some using a serious camera, some using my phone camera, then applying filtering.

Here’s some stuff the Mrs and I did, hope you like it!

A bridge…

14 - 1

Another bridge:


A tower, with reminder:


Rooftops of New York:20140604_194644~2

New York dawn:20140628_050559

 Birds of the Lower East Side: 0727141637-EFFECTS

Gum trees of Cole Valley:

A view of Aspen:0806140821-EFFECTS

New York in the rain:0916141057-EFFECTS

Fortnight Lilies:

Sunrise in Cole Valley Heights:p1000074

Another view of San Francisco:

[super] moon over Cole Valley, recently… p1010369

Any of these places look familiar to you? And more over on my Pinterest board

4 thoughts on “Oh, The Places You’ll Go (a snapshot rendition of my travels)

  1. Hi there Craig,
    I love your pics.
    My favorites are the Rooftop of NY and Super moon 🙂
    I love photography and I always take pics everywhere but never publish them out of fear that people wont like them….although I do publish some pics of my self now an then 🙂
    One more admirer among hundred.
    Ana Mendez


  2. You could have trimmed that New York rooftops picture a little and told everyone you had been to Greece! The first bridge photograph is nice because at that distance covered, either the nearer or further parts of the bridge would tend to become “hazy”.


  3. Always nice to see your ( and the missus?) photos. To see you travel means to me you are spreading your good work in everyplace you photo.
    Keep up the good work.



  4. welcome to Vietnam where you can take equally amazing photo’s of urban and rural setting in a single day!!!


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