4 Creative Women-Run Startups That Are Getting Stuff Done

Hey, women entrepreneurs run more than 8.6 million businesses in the US, generating more than $1.3 trillion in total revenues (according to nerdwallet).

Breaking down silos is a great way to get stuff done. It’s critical to take a look at what’s already being done in an effort to create real change. Too often orgs try to do their own thing without checking if it’s already being done.


My team and I have researched 5 women-run startups that are being done right now, and these are some startups that might inspire you to collaborate or come up with your own startup idea.

We think that they’re the real deal. You can also follow them, or their founder, on Twitter for some insight into their work.

4 Creative Startups That Are Getting Stuff Done:

1. Soceana is working to generate social good by creating a vibrant community of volunteers, nonprofits, philanthropists and corporations. Soceana aims to create a central hub for key data analytics, personalized skills-based matching, and an engagement platform. They say, “it’s almost like a Facebook with its employee-led event planning and photo-upload features meets LinkedIn with its messaging and professional development all tied together with data analytics to create a unique product in a thriving space.”

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Tess Michaels:

2. Tock is an antisocial social app. It’s both an app and game that rewards users for being away from their device. It encourages more people to talk face to face, not phone to phone. Compete against friends to see who can stay away from their phones the longest and discover what exists beyond the screen. Speaking of collaboration…

Rachel Samples is the one walking the walk behind Tock:

3. TaskRabbit was inspired by a yellow lab. TaskRabbit allows you to live smarter by connecting you with safe and reliable help in your neighborhood. You’re able to outsource your household errands and skilled tasks to trusted folks in your community. They say it’s an old school concept – neighbors helping neighbors – reimagined for today.

Founder & Engineer turned Entrepreneur, Leah Busque:


4. YouNoodle helps startup founders get advice, prizes, and opportunities. Having run over 400 different contests and challenges, they try to learn more about their entrepreneurs and introduce them to opportunities unavailable to most. YouNoodle connects entrepreneurs with advisors and investors, and they fast-track startups into accelerators and other programs.

Co-Founder Rebeca Hwang’s philosophy is that it’s powerful to link people and ideas, and help them connect and cultivate ideas.


Folks, who would you like to see on this list?//


8 thoughts on “4 Creative Women-Run Startups That Are Getting Stuff Done

  1. These are amazing! I can use all of them. I have a start-up company with my brother (I have 51percent-lol). We are trying to get our many innovative ideas to market. We will be for profit company but want to give percent of profits from each product to various charities. We just lost a new angel investor due to illness. I am exhausted and antsy to get to the next idea. God Bless you all! #WomenRock


  2. As a woman who focuses on mom entrepreneurs, I love that this article is focused on Women who are getting things done!! Thank you for featuring these amazing businesses.


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  4. What a great topic! I have a 100% women-owned venture, although maybe a bit old to be a startup anymore: SVT Group- we are a social and environmental impact accounting firm, primarily for investors and for-benefit companies.

    There’s also: Samasource.org, SaveUp.com (based on its founder, the great Priya Haji, although posthumously), FlipLabs.com, Wevebuilt.com, and many more! All great sources for the holidays…. : )



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