Why I Support Vets

Photo Credit: U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs
Photo Credit: U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs

Bottom line: if someone volunteers to risk taking a bullet to protect me, I should stand up and help out.

This might date back to my mid-teens, towards the end of the Vietnam war. I saw returning vets getting treated without respect. At that time, I knew that was wrong, but couldn’t articulate it.

Maybe seven years ago, I was at a lunch, sitting next to a guy from the Iraq & Afghanistan Vets of America, IAVA.org. Finally, it clicked in, that this was the right way to support regular people who gave up a lot to protect us, and that includes their families.

Now, I’m on the board of IAVA, and am involved with a lot of vets and military families groups, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (I’m their official nerd-in-residence).

What are some reasons you support vets and military families?

One thought on “Why I Support Vets

  1. Craig,
    Thank you for your support of Veterans. It means a lot to all to see you stepping up to the plate and actually doing something!
    As a second generation retired Army Veteran (Vietnam era & Desert Storm era), my WWII dad saw enough combat action in Europe for a lifetime. I volunteer with the SF Veterans Success Center & AMVETS Career Center as my way of paying tribute to all Veterans who served. So, thank you for your support of the VSC also.


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