Everyone, thanks!

Okay, I’ve gotten a big surge of support in the last few days, like fan mail and social media stuff.

That means a lot to me.

It all relates to two different but related areas:

1. Standing up to find trustworthy news. Like I say, a trustworthy press is the immune system of democracy.


The Trust Project is the pointy end of the spear on the news professional side. Unfortunately, I might fulfill that role on the news consumer side. (I don’t like that.)

2. Standing up against untrustworthy reporting attacking my community. My stuff is mostly very quiet, long term, since I’m in way over my head, but I’m committed for at least a twenty year period, and to be relentless. As a nerd, it’s hard to learn, and I’m not very patient.

3. People tell me I looked really good and was quite the gentleman. I guess they’re right, but I really am a nerd; we don’t take compliments well.

But a nerd’s gotta do what a nerd’s gotta do.

5 thoughts on “Everyone, thanks!

  1. Nice, I am also a nerd
    well a surfer nerd
    I can relate and mainstream press not giving Obama’s immigration speech, how fucked is that I don’t follow them anyway I have been getting my news for years from the likes of Whole Earth Review, Mother Jones, Counter Point,Guardian, etc
    thanks for your insight


  2. You handled that disgusting ambush with dignity. 20/20 looked pretty bad. Also, I just found out you are rumored to be worth 400 million.Guess what? I am happy for you. Craigslist buy/sell/ free sections have helped me and probably millions of others recycle used stuff as well as save money. If I ever hit the lottery for hundreds of millions, I hope I could be as decent a person as you.


  3. Purely yellow journalism. You should have asked him about ABC’s satellite uplinks since he works at ABC and should know every single thing about every single aspect of their operation.


  4. Just saw the 20/20 on TiVo and was 100% annoyed with the trite reporting from 20/20. The whole episode seemed like they were digging at the bottom of the barrel for a story. I am very grateful to Craigs List as I see it as the people’s central garage sale. I have bought and sold on it, am always careful, and have found some great things while meeting interesting people. Consumer beware goes without saying. I am pretty sure the local thrift shop I volunteer at doesn’t research every item either. I know people would love to regulate Craigs List but I say “Hands Off”!


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