When You Practice What You Preach…

I’m hearing, anecdotally, that cultural transformation at VA and elsewhere might have been nudged into motion by relentlessly handing out my business card and practicing what I preach.

The big thing I’ve learned here is that for me, tech skills and money aren’t what gets the job done. What works is bearing witness to the good works of others. This can work partly through helping ’em get their social networks going, by sharing their stuff.

My business card says “customer service rep & founder” and people see that I’m committed to that, every day.

Customer service is a big part of what inspires me; that, and my rabbi, Leonard Cohen. Ya know, customer service can really be corrosive, and it gets worse than the usual trolling and abuse. However, singer and poet Leonard Cohen really helps me get through the day, with a small but substantial assist from Dr Stephen T Colbert, DFA (Doctor of Fine Arts).

Seriously, my team, people smarter than me, and I, we’re listening, and what you say affects the trajectory of our work. If you feel we miss something, please tell us via craigconnects.org/connect, or if you really want, I’m personally at craig@craigslist.org.

(Recently I’ve made a point of reminding people that I haven’t been a spokesman for craigslist, or had any role in management since 2000. On the other side of things, I’ll be in customer service for a lifetime…)

2 thoughts on “When You Practice What You Preach…

  1. Have been a user of craigslist since it first came out in the bay area and am so impressed by your ability to scale this business. You are the only founder I know who spends the first hour of each day responding to customers. I hope I can embody even just a little bit of this focus and attention in our new business. Thank you!


  2. CL is a wonderful and brilliant idea. It has helped many people in so many ways. There is nothing that compares to it and clearly, you and your staff are doing a wonderful job. It is not easy to please everyone but without a doubt it has been so helpful to so many people. Keep up the great work!


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