Resolutions of a Nerd

Hey, it’s that time of year where people are making resolutions for 2015. I have resolutions year-
round, especially since, long term, I want to figure out how to give a voice, using the internet, to everyone on the planet. I’m a nerd, and I figure things should be fair.nerd-4

My resolution for 2015 is to:

      • Learn to throw my weight around, on behalf of the good guys

That includes:

      • Treating others how they want to be treated
      • Helping nonprofits who really have their boots on the ground raise awareness about their issues
      • Finding ways to encourage trustworthy news outlets
      • Continuing as Nerd-in-Residence (and that means helping out with veterans and milfam efforts)
      • Reminding people why it’s important to give back

You’ll see more over the next few months. What are your resolutions?

3 thoughts on “Resolutions of a Nerd

  1. It’s much more fun when we can pretend to be a mysterious pseudo-intellectual born from star dust and allowed to resonate from the Ether; a time-space domain where faces and names are protected, sort of, so nice people can be ass-holes and delusional ass-holes can pretend to be caring intellects of all cellular organisms. I am for the real Nerds, the truly logical mind set, and not those who live in a hopeful world believing in something that is undeniably not true. Cause and effect analysis, postulates and hypothesis, inference and divergence, doesn’t really matter if you need someone to explain that the color red is red, and not blue.

    Yes, helping others is important, especially in a society that is extremely vain and self-serving; however, many are far too busy to help others. They barely have the time or resources to help themselves. And sometimes helping yourself helps others, if you know what I mean. Maybe some have it easy, but if you are a Nerd, you may very likely have a job that requires significant brain processing power. This takes a lot of time and energy regardless of how you score on an IQ rating chart. Add to this stress related to family, a wife, a divorce, children who are ego-centric and lost like a bunch of zombies walking around on the moon, or dealing with the self defined anomalies that are hiding in the caverns of your own mind, or minds, and you will soon be on your death bed wondering where did your life go? Maybe time is an illusion, or maybe we are here to merely serve a function in the Matrix.

    Other than the wasted swill above, I believe your cause is good and well meaning. Just don’t do anything because others are doing it, or because it is socially popular. Help others because you want to see some happiness or relief in someone’s eyes. If you do it for any other reason, you are the one that needs help.

    For the rest of the seemingly worthy causes, I must say that finding a trustworthy news outlet is close to improbable in a society, and a world that is driven by moral and ethical corruption in governments and so called “free media conglomerates” and the prominent “societies of journalism”. When division, deceit and confusion are some of the tools used to exploit social manipulation of the masses, it is difficult for many to be objective, or have the time to decipher the truth from so much space junk.

    Have a Marvelously Extra-Ordinary New Year.


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