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How #GivingTuesday Raised Over $45million

December 5, 2014

Folks, I support #GivingTuesday each year because it's the real deal. I got an update from Henry Timms… More data and stories are still coming in, but here are the highlights as they stand right now (more soon!): Indiana University is estimating an overall 63% increase this year in online donations. Early results from Blackbaud… Read more »


5 Voter Rights Orgs You Should Follow

September 16, 2014

Hey, the Founders of the US tell us that everyone's equal in the eyes of the law, meaning that citizens have the right to vote. However, there are politicians who don't like that, and they're attacking the integrity of the election by making it hard for people to vote. Fortunately, there are some organizations doing really good work… Read more »


Unbelievable: Over $2 Million Dollars Raised for Nonprofits

January 11, 2014

Hey there, the CrowdRise #HolidayChallenge just ended on Thursday, and you won't believe how much the organizations raised collectively in small donations for their nonprofits: $2,394,827, more than double last year’s total for the Vets Challenge. Yup, that's right, over two million dollars. Plus, I gave $75k, in grand and weekly bonus prizes and that money was… Read more »


What It Means to Be SAFE – a guest blog post from the USO

February 12, 2013

Safe – such a small word but one loaded with meaning.  To be safe is to be free from hurt, injury, danger or risk. Our troops’ primary focus is to uphold and keep safe our American tenets. Our military families’ primary focus is the safe return of their loved ones so that our service men… Read more »


Infographic: Most Important Law Protecting Internet Speech

August 23, 2012

Folks, there's this law called CDA 230 which is a major free speech protection on the Internet. It also protects much of the business on the Net, which involves engagement with regular people.  It's a really big deal. Maybe the most important law protecting Internet speech. My team and I worked with the good folks… Read more »

Brett Sheats
Brett Sheats

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April 25, 2012

Guest post by Brett Sheats For the past ninety-four years, the United States Army Infantry School has been located at Fort Benning, Georgia. Thousands of young, freshly shaved heads enter its gates every year to undergo the metamorphosis from patriotic civilian to steely-eyed mayhem machine. During their time at Fort Benning, each new infantry recruit… Read more »