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We're Giving $50k to America's Heroes Right Now

May 22, 2014

Hey, the second annual Veterans Charity Challenge just launched over on CrowdRise at noon EDT. We've expanded the challenge this year to benefit police and fire fighter nonprofits, in addition to veterans and military charities. This year’s Veterans Charity Challenge 2 is a follow-up campaign to last year’s campaign, which raised more than $445,000 for… Read more »


Will You Stand With Me For Equality For Immigrants?

December 16, 2013

Folks, I support immigration fairness. I received an email from Jose Antonio Vargas this morning about showing support for fairness and equality on behalf of immigrants. I'm from a family of recent immigrants, and like to note that now and then. Jose said: Today (Monday), just as Congressional members prepare to go home for the holidays… Read more »


Help Give Away $200K for the Holidays

November 12, 2013

Hey, I've teamed up with CrowdRise and the Huffington Post to host a Holiday Challenge over on CrowdRise to help nonprofits raise a lot of money this season. As they say – here's how it's going down. The Holiday Challenge will work similar to the #VetsChallenge that I sponsored over the summer, but this time, any charity… Read more »


Will you #Hoot2Give this Holiday season?

December 13, 2012

Hey there – here’s the deal: my team and I worked with the good folks at National Wildlife Federation this past summer to help raise money for their org (with #Squirrels4Good & @common_squirrel). It’s about that time of year when birds are migrating and changing their nesting habits, and we really want to continue helping… Read more »