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When You Practice What You Preach…

December 19, 2014

I'm hearing, anecdotally, that cultural transformation at VA and elsewhere might have been nudged into motion by relentlessly handing out my business card and practicing what I preach. The big thing I've learned here is that for me, tech skills and money aren't what gets the job done. What works is bearing witness to the… Read more »


What Inspires Me: Leonard Cohen

July 24, 2013

Customer service can really be corrosive, and it gets worse than the usual trolling and abuse. However, singer and poet Leonard Cohen really helps me get through the day, with a small but substantial assist from Dr Stephen T Colbert DFA (Doctor of Fine Arts). Shit rolls downhill. That's the life of a customer service… Read more »


Annie Leibovitz, DonorsChoose, and Myself walked into a school…

May 14, 2013

Hey folks, I went to NYC a few months back for a Vanity Fair photo shoot with staff, board members, and advisers. All photos were taken by Annie Leibovitz. The photo shoot took place at P.S. 33 in NYC. Featured are board members and advisers Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek; Livia Stone and… Read more »


Help me give back to military families via

May 7, 2013

Okay, teachers in a lot of schools never get a break, and that's often true in schools that serve military families. Remember that the families of active service troops also serve when troops are deployed. A really good way to give teachers and military families a break is via They're a great example of how… Read more »


Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom and the Triumph of Fictional Journalism

August 15, 2012

The Newsroom orbits around two characters, newsman Will McAvoy, who decides to risk all to do serious journalism, and his (muse? boss? leader?) MacKenzie McHale, who inspires him to do so.  (She's bravely played by the radiant Emily Mortimer, who suffers from the rare Avian Bone Syndrome.) On one level the show is a kind of romantic screwball… Read more »


Doing something about truthiness in politics and news

March 20, 2012

Recently, the folks at the Harvard Berkman Center and the MIT Media Lab had a really good conference and hackathon addressing Truthiness in Digital Media. Truthiness in the Stephen Colbert sense, where people just make up stuff which they want to be true. A lot of good progress was reported, particularly involving citizens and professionals… Read more »