Fact Sheet


craigconnects is a Web-based online initiative by Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, and supported by a team of communications, social media, and nonprofit professionals.


craigconnects is Craig’s personal initiative to unite the world for the common good using the Internet. It seeks to identify, connect, and promote organizations that are making that vision happen. These organizations are engaged in work that is truly sustainable – socially responsible, self-perpetuating, and replicable.

What Not

craigconnects is NOT…

  • craigslist
  • a foundation
  • a fund-raising or grant-giving organization


craigconnects was launched in March 2011. Craig intends to devote the next 20 years to his craigconnects effort.


craigconnects’ virtual headquarters is its website, http://www.craigconnects.org. Craig himself lives in San Francisco. His craigconnects team is located throughout the U.S.


“Because it feels right,” says Craig. After 10 years of helping others use the Internet for community building on an informal basis, Craig formalized these efforts with craigconnects in order to do a lot more.

Areas of Focus

  • Veterans and military families
  • Back-to-Basics journalism
  • Public diplomacy
  • Open government
  • Consumer protection
  • Technology for the common good
  • Voter protection
  • Voting resources
  • Women in tech


For a full list of organizations Craig supports, see the www.craigconnects.org website.

Media Contact for craigconnects (only)

Email: press@craigconnects.org
Phone: Bruce Bonafede, 760-831-5080

Important Note to Journalists

Please contact press@craigslist.org about stories related to craigslist. Craig has had no involvement in managing craigslist since 2000, and is not a spokesperson for the company.

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