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April 23, 2012

Hey there, are you feeling squirrelly? Many of you know my love for squirrels and birds. I've decided to team up with @common_squirrel and @NWF to raise money for #Squirrels4Good. I'm a fan of urban survivors, and for that matter, I've been told I can get a little squirrelly, and more than once. I know… Read more »


craigconnects just had a birthday

March 16, 2012 recently celebrated our first birthday, folks. It seems surreal that it's already been a year! We've worked with so many good orgs and have seen some great stuff happen since March 2011. A little of what's been going on with craigconnects, and by extension, with me: • craigconnects launched a three-day grant challenge to… Read more »


We, The Internet

January 23, 2012

Hey, this article: Antipiracy Bills Put on Hold in Congress (subscription link) was kind enough to quote me. Here's the original, for our mutual amusement: We, The Internet, have had a serious grassroots victory for democracy. Now is the time for us to turn that success into a tipping point which restores the American vision of honest… Read more »


Help finding good effective nonprofits

October 10, 2011

Okay, say you're one of most people who'd like to help people out, maybe with your time and money. Usually, we do that by finding an effective, trustworthy nonprofit organization. Problem is that there's over a million of 'em in the US, and the news has alerted us that many don't get anything done, and some… Read more »


The Haiti Rural Broadband Connectivity Program

August 25, 2011

Hey, the craigslist charitable fund and I are helping build networks in a number of places to help give the voiceless a voice, that is, to give people a break. A lot of this is with Inveneo, a team in SF who's really good at getting serious bandwidth where's that's hard to do, like in… Read more »


Apps for communities: contest from Knight Foundation and the FCC

June 8, 2011

Hey, people in a lot of places are finding serious uses for apps the improve our lives. My fellow nerds, I mean programmers, should pay attention to this, it's a chance to do something challenging, something real, something that makes a difference for real. The Knight Foundation and the FCC want to make local data… Read more »