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Global TechCamps, serious about democracy and tech

May 3, 2011

Lots going on in the world where people use tech to genuinely promote democracy, and the State Department is doing it for real, check out their TechCamp stuff: TechCamps convene Civil Society organizations with technology ‘superstars’ to define and develop new technology solutions. By creating a stronger, networked civil society, we preemptively ready response to… Read more »


Google for nonprofits, useful stuff

May 2, 2011

Hey, folks, the craigconnects team and I recently had the opportunity to talk with the folks over at the Google for Nonprofits program about their latest stuff. Nonprofits should look into this. Here's our interview with Kristen Olsen Cahill, the Product Manager for       CN: Google launched their Google for Nonprofits program… Read more »


Troops can get more medical info online via expanded Blue Button

April 15, 2011

Okay, the deal is that troops need to be able to get to their medical info online, a big deal, and they're getting it, step by step. Just got good news regarding enhancements to the Blue Button program, and when they cite "a major step forward," that's for-real. New Features Allow Users Access to Expanded… Read more »


Personal craigconnects commitment (update 3)

April 14, 2011

This stuff is real, my casual way to show I'm following through with craigconnects. It relates to the feedback/action cycle that took several years at craigslist. My team and I are trying to move much faster, condensing years into weeks. While we're figuring out what actions we should take, based on your feedback, here's more…… Read more »


Craigslist Foundation’s LikeMinded Connects Leaders with Ideas for Local Change

April 12, 2011

Folks, for around a year, Craigslist Foundation has been working on LikeMinded, a new online tool for local change makers that launches today. The deal is that people do great work in their neighborhoods and local communities, but no one hears about 'em. LikeMinded will collect stories of local innovations, success, and sometimes even failures… Read more »


Kiva microfinance hits new milestone

March 27, 2011

Kiva's a big microlending group, one that I've worked with for a few years, focusing personally on helping out small business in the West Bank. Here's my portfolio, and yes, I need to make more loans. They've had an exciting month, including a redesigned website, making for a more user-friendly lender experience. Just last week,… Read more »