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craigconnects Celebrates a 2nd Anniversary

March 8, 2013

Hey there, folks – It's craigconnects' 2nd anniversary already, and we've worked with some real good people in the last year to get stuff done. This year I'm also focusing a lot on vets and military families, and I've teamed up with Crowdrise to do a big campaign to raise money for these organizations, which… Read more »


Teching Across the Globe

September 27, 2012

Hey there, folks – here's the deal, over some years my team and I have been helping build networks across the world, or small parts of it, to give people a voice who've never had it. We've done this by funding tech labs around the globe. Ranging from San Francisco to Kenya, a Beduoin village… Read more »


Get on the Internet Bus for serious Internet Freedom

September 17, 2012

Okay, we, the people of the Net did real well when we stopped some seriously bad law, SOPA. Now, we're looking around, trying to figure out how we can get it together so we can unite in defense of what's now being called "Internet Freedom." My bias: I'm a nerd, highly motivated to get stuff… Read more »


craigconnects just had a birthday

March 16, 2012 recently celebrated our first birthday, folks. It seems surreal that it's already been a year! We've worked with so many good orgs and have seen some great stuff happen since March 2011. A little of what's been going on with craigconnects, and by extension, with me: • craigconnects launched a three-day grant challenge to… Read more »


Amidst Tragedy, an Opportunity for Community Change

March 5, 2012

In recent weeks, a number of highly publicized stories have captured attention and inspired conversation about domestic violence: the passing of Whitney Houston, a reported victim of domestic violence during her 15 year marriage to Bobby Brown; the both disturbing and encouraging responses to Chris Brown’s return to Grammy glory three years after assaulting then-girlfriend… Read more »


A "Fond Farewell" to St. Anthony's

February 22, 2012

Greetings Friends and Colleagues, On Saturday, February 25th St. Anthony’s is hosting a “Fond Farewell” event in our original dining room. Please join us as we celebrate the space that has served San Franciscans for over 61 years and 38 million meals. This will be your last chance to pay homage and reflect on a… Read more »