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Organic Health Response/Inveneo: using the Net to fight AIDS in Kenya

February 1, 2011

The folks at Organic Health Response are doing really good stuff, using IT and environmental sustainability on Mfangano Island in Western Kenya to work against HIV/AIDS across Lake Victoria.   They're working with Inveneo, their deal is to get IT, such as computers, telephony, and Internet access to those who need it most — people… Read more »


Lung Cancer: The Bold and Beautiful Perspective

January 31, 2011

Hey, my dad died of lung cancer when he was very young, and I was only thirteen. Please consider watching The Bold and the Beautiful on February 7 on CBS to learn more about lung cancer. Lung Cancer is the biggest cancer killer, killing more than breast prostate, colon and ovarian combined. More than 50… Read more »


Beth Noveck, a major contributor to Open Government, returns to teaching law

January 27, 2011

Hey, Open Government covers a lot of ground; it's about how a democratic government gets the job done increasingly well. That's been a big challenge in an environment where there had been no incentive for gov't workers to provide good customer/citizen service. Open government includes disclosure of what's going on inside government, where the money… Read more »


VA Improves Services Through Employee Innovation

January 25, 2011

A principle of Open Government is that workers can build solutions to real problems and get the attention of top management. The Department of Veterans Affairs has been doing a lot of this recently, providing better customer service for Vets, and providing better return for the taxpayer dollar. We have a new example of that,… Read more »


Turning Shelters into Homes in Haiti

January 24, 2011

Hey, the folks at CHF International get real stuff done, working with the people they help. They've built over 4600 earthquake and storm resistant shelters since the quake, housing over 28,000 Haitians. The Haitian people get a lot done with those shelters, building functioning bathrooms and showers, porches, added concrete walls. The photo shows what… Read more »


A "wall of hair"

January 23, 2011

That's a wall of hair as Elaine from Seinfeld was described as sporting. I did have that, as you see, around forty years ago. Credit: Peter Vidor at